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Nursery: Furniture & Progress- ORC Week 3

We had an incredible time over the weekend finding out the gender of our little human on their way to join us in this world (we're down to about 16 weeks! Which is still awhile... but... ya know.) and in case you missed it check it out from Monday's post here! It was so special and his brother made this awesome art piece for him to keep forever.

Knowing the gender definitely has helped us solidify our ideas for what we want to do for our little guy's nursery. Ready for week three of the One Room Challenge?

On last week's post we talked about some of the things that we needed to do to get this room "done." Here's a reminder of the list:

To-Do & Shopping List:
  • Lighter paint color
  • Better curtains (but with black out for more baby sleeps)
  • Rug
  • Paint crib
  • Rest of the furniture
  • Organization and storage options
  • Changing station assembled
  • Lamps/lighting
  • Assemble crib 
  • Wall art
  • Organize closet
  • Accessories
  • Name art
  • Chair
  • Pouf/footstool- hoping for this one from my registry!
  • Smaller desk- likely this one from IKEA because we have a $50.00 gift card and it will adjust for when the baby grows up a bit and needs a little coloring desk or something. 

Backyard Gender Reveal Party

We have finally discovered the gender of our baby! It was a really long 22 weeks of not knowing what was going on up in there. We were able to put our Gender Reveal Party on my birthday weekend which was kind of a fun combination! We had a lot of wonderful friends and family that joined us for the weekend!

Since it was a small get together, about 20 people, we decided to keep the festivities small and pretty tame. We used our chalkboard collection and some dollar store tassel banners to decorate. Otherwise, the reveal image was the star of the show! I'll show you that later in this post. It was really awesome.

I am notorious amongst my students for my absolutely love of all things Little Mermaid and Brennan is well known for loving his Dallas Cowboy football team. So we decided to have our party inspired by that. As folks came in for the party we asked them to cast their vote for the gender using paint chips and throwing them in the basket.

Total count for Cowboy: 17. Mermaid: 12.

28 Facts About Me On My 28th Birthday

Oh man, my 28th birthday is today! Friday the 13th. Whatwhat! I was also born on Friday the 13th, which was also Good Friday that year. Ha. I always think that is a fun fact about me. Especially when I tell my freshmen students, they get a little nervous. A good spot to have them in!

Just kidding!

Now that it is basically my birthday, here are 28 random factoids about me you may not know: