Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I've Got a White Space, Baby.

Look at this, three posts in a row! I am so proud of myself! I hope that my #BBFF Sam @ Away She Went is also proud of me. Hi, friend! 

Not only am I consistently blogging but I am also making steady progress on my exterior. If you were wondering where my motivation comes from... it comes from being poor. When you have no money to spend on shopping, you spend your time using all the paint you have in the house to finish your projects. You know- the ones you've put off for like, 7 years?

For instance, the paint on the beams of my carport. I have officially, as of this month, owned my house for 7 years. In that time the beams and structure of my carport has never been painted. Even though I paint the deck every year I guess going outside of the fence is where I draw the line. 

Here's what they looked like after 7 years of sun damage and weather:

That's #totesgnar and not in a good way. So I spent a cool summer's day painting all of the beams. I used the same basic white exterior color that I use on the deck and those beams to give it a very uniform look. I have to say it looks wayyy better. There is still some restructure and things that need to be done to make it sturdier, but at least it looks better!

Now there's all the beams looking all painted and fresh along the entire front of the house. And my puppy dog. 

While I was at it... I painted the sections of the porch that had been exposed in the replacing of the deck and repainted the front steps. I love how bright and beautiful they are.

I'm pretty sure I showed this hot mess last week. It turns out there is actually a spot where water is getting through that I need to do a little caulking on, but otherwise that staining was just dirt. I started by painting the worst parts and scrubbing with soap and water.

Boom! Here is the after:

Since I'm on a roll to get things repaired and (hopefully) raise the value of the house at appraisal, I hope to sell in the next 1-3 years. Hopefully. I need to cut down this horrendous tree. I am pretty sure I have a friend that will help me do it, but it looks really bad. Plus it wants to fall down into the neighbor's yard. Which would be drama I would love to avoid. 

But before I continue on with my porch projects... I like to sit out there and drink some wine and read a book. Oh, and take a #selfie! hehe.

Here's a look again at the list for the yard, the stuff in green is what I added in the last couple weeks, mostly what I've found doing other projects. Does anyone else notice that seems to happen? Phew. This homeowner life. 

Summer Porchin' Re-do List:
  • Install new decking  $650.00
  • Stain new decking $20.00
  • Spray paint lawn furniture
  • New accessories for tables
  • Plant flowers
  • Touch up front door
  • Install dead bolt on front door
  • Paint ceiling of awning
  • Repair wood damage
  • Cut down dead tree
  • Paint back steps
  • Move wood from under porches
  • Hang lights beneath awning
  • Paint trim and sides of deck
  • Paint carport beams

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Just Porchin' Around

It is officially summer for this teacher! And I am super glad! It has been a whirlwind year of testing, Speech & Debate coaching, planning, and a lot of changes. But it is over. Next year will be easier. I plan on doing some decorating and updates to my classroom next week, so I shall have to post about that here soon. Speaking of changes... I finally bought a new computer! The first new one I have owned since 2007. It is a refurbished MacBook Pro and I love it! 

Plus I love my Little Mermaid sticker that I bought for it, check out all the different options on, I found mine {here} and it was an easy fun way to accessorize my computer. I also put a clear case over it that I bought from Amazon. com to keep it safe. 

I've also made progress on the porch! Remember last week when I showed you the new (safer) decking?

Well, I had a four day weekend and decided to take that time to stain it! I used the color Gunstock by Minwax. I did it all with a brush. It was ridiculous to try and use the pad and the handle thing from Lowe's. It soaked up so much of the stain that I used 5 times as much on three planks as necessary. Ugh. It only took me a few short hours to complete and do the steps at the same time. 

Though I confess... I did accidentally forget to unlock the back door, it was cool. I hung out in my yard for like awhile.

Here's the after!

I totally love it! I think it gives the house more character and pop, plus it looks way fresher. Which is always a plus. Of course... once you finish one thing there are still more things to do.

Here's a few images of things that remain on the the To-Do list:

Summer Porchin' Re-do List:
  • Install new decking  $650.00
  • Stain new decking $20.00
  • Spray paint lawn furniture
  • New accessories for tables
  • Plant flowers
  • Touch up front door
  • Install dead bolt
  • Paint roof
  • Repair wood damage
  • Hang lights beneath awning
  • Paint trim and sides of deck

Hopefully I can manage to get a few of those things done before the summer really gets going. It would be great to have friends over to hang out and grill, and just have a good time. Until all that is done though... here's one last look at the cozy porch!

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Most MIA Blogger, Evs. But hey! Porch.

  Oh, goodness. It has been such a longggg time since I posted! Over five months! I feel like all of my posts start that way so, well. I will apologize now for being missing in action. It's been a whirlwind year in my life, we've had a death in the family that was very hard, teacher life has been dramatically more challenging this year than last year, which still seems crazy to me, and I think overall I just got into a creative slump with my house.

This month is the 7th anniversary of living in my house, which I hope to celebrate with a blog post.  But I suppose we'll see if that really happens! Let's hope. haha.

Anyway. One of the big things that has happened around here lately is that we got a new front deck! When I was in college we collapsed it during a party (oops) and made some repairs then, but since the gutters were so terrible before we replaced them, it expedited the rot occurring on the deck.

Here's some before action:

This is one of those embarassing moments where the deck is actually well, worse, than it appears in the photo. The wood was sort of start to move away from the white frame and supports beneath it... a little sketchy.

I went ahead and hired this job out to make sure that it was done correctly and looks good. Here it is:

Even in progress it looks safer and better!

Plus, our new step is actually to the size of a human foot. Which is great and results in less people falling to their doom.

The new deck with labor and materials was $650 big ones, but it looks great and will help with keeping the resale value of this little joint. 

I have purchased some stain for the entire deck and I haven't decided if I should stain the side steps that are still wood, or if I should paint them white. Any opinions out there? 

Here is the hopeful color of the new deck after I stain it:

(it came from Pinterest, but I can't find a direct link. Sorry. :( )

Obviously that house is quite a bit nicer than mine, but that's alright. I still like the way that wood tone looks with the white beams. 

Next steps to the TrailerPerf summer porch?
  • Stain the entire deck and step
  • Stain back steps to match (oops)
  • Redecorate!
  • Spray paint outdoor furniture
  • Accessorize!
Here's to a summer that is less crazy and strange then the school year!

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