Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Living Room: To Sectionals and Beyond

It has been a whirl wind in my life since May, which is why I haven't posted. I guess you just find that life takes over. We spent a great deal of the summer in South Dakota with family after two huge losses in our family. My Speech & Debate Team also competed for a week in Dallas, Texas winning third in the WORLD for our debate skills. I was so proud of them! I can't take any credit for their success, they were great all without me!

Now we are also focusing on redoing our family home about a mile from where I live, we are going to be selling it. We purchased the house in 1998 and it was where my siblings and I all grew up. It will be hard to let it go.

However, it has gotten me inspired to redo my own house a bit! I want to sell but I also want to be debt free, so I am going to stick it out a bit longer so that I can be prepared for a new project. I feel like I am almost there!

So the revamping is going to start in the living room, remember what it looked like the first time we went to the place?

After the first remodel it looked a lot better! A little bit collegey for my liking. Notice the couches? That was back when I first bought the slipcovers and they looked great! I was so excited about them! That was in 2009. It also looks pretty empty to me...

Here is what it looks like nowadays! I think it's a little cluttery and I am working on cutting down on some of my knick knacks and the like. It is so easy to accumulate stuff!

I want to stream line some of the colors and add a sectional for more efficient space usage. Check out my inspiration board:

Living Room Re-Do

Living Room Re-Do by megmcd featuring a fabric loveseat

I have managed to find substitutions that are less expensive. I can't wait to  buy some new pillows! I am also going to try a flat weave indoor/outdoor rug for the pets to see if that helps with the animals. I have so many of them creatures.

I did find a version of the couch that is pretty close to perfect at American Furniture Warehouse (you can buy an add on to make one side longer):

2pc Charcoal Sectional with LAF Sofa

Source List and Budget:
{Sectional} $700.00 (American Furniture)
{rocking chair} $50.00 (WalMart)
{Flat Weave Rug} $100 (5'7' Target)
{Accent Table} $80.00 (Target)

I also want to pick up some new baskets for the extra blankets and such. I have plenty of knick knacks, wall decor, and stuff like that so I won't need much. I'm just coming to that stage where all the expensive furniture needs to be replaced. 

Now that I have eliminated so much debt I will have the funds to be able to make some of this happen! With good choices, of course. 

What do you think?

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I've Got a White Space, Baby.

Look at this, three posts in a row! I am so proud of myself! I hope that my #BBFF Sam @ Away She Went is also proud of me. Hi, friend! 

Not only am I consistently blogging but I am also making steady progress on my exterior. If you were wondering where my motivation comes from... it comes from being poor. When you have no money to spend on shopping, you spend your time using all the paint you have in the house to finish your projects. You know- the ones you've put off for like, 7 years?

For instance, the paint on the beams of my carport. I have officially, as of this month, owned my house for 7 years. In that time the beams and structure of my carport has never been painted. Even though I paint the deck every year I guess going outside of the fence is where I draw the line. 

Here's what they looked like after 7 years of sun damage and weather:

That's #totesgnar and not in a good way. So I spent a cool summer's day painting all of the beams. I used the same basic white exterior color that I use on the deck and those beams to give it a very uniform look. I have to say it looks wayyy better. There is still some restructure and things that need to be done to make it sturdier, but at least it looks better!

Now there's all the beams looking all painted and fresh along the entire front of the house. And my puppy dog. 

While I was at it... I painted the sections of the porch that had been exposed in the replacing of the deck and repainted the front steps. I love how bright and beautiful they are.

I'm pretty sure I showed this hot mess last week. It turns out there is actually a spot where water is getting through that I need to do a little caulking on, but otherwise that staining was just dirt. I started by painting the worst parts and scrubbing with soap and water.

Boom! Here is the after:

Since I'm on a roll to get things repaired and (hopefully) raise the value of the house at appraisal, I hope to sell in the next 1-3 years. Hopefully. I need to cut down this horrendous tree. I am pretty sure I have a friend that will help me do it, but it looks really bad. Plus it wants to fall down into the neighbor's yard. Which would be drama I would love to avoid. 

But before I continue on with my porch projects... I like to sit out there and drink some wine and read a book. Oh, and take a #selfie! hehe.

Here's a look again at the list for the yard, the stuff in green is what I added in the last couple weeks, mostly what I've found doing other projects. Does anyone else notice that seems to happen? Phew. This homeowner life. 

Summer Porchin' Re-do List:
  • Install new decking  $650.00
  • Stain new decking $20.00
  • Spray paint lawn furniture
  • New accessories for tables
  • Plant flowers
  • Touch up front door
  • Install dead bolt on front door
  • Paint ceiling of awning
  • Repair wood damage
  • Cut down dead tree
  • Paint back steps
  • Move wood from under porches
  • Hang lights beneath awning
  • Paint trim and sides of deck
  • Paint carport beams

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Just Porchin' Around

It is officially summer for this teacher! And I am super glad! It has been a whirlwind year of testing, Speech & Debate coaching, planning, and a lot of changes. But it is over. Next year will be easier. I plan on doing some decorating and updates to my classroom next week, so I shall have to post about that here soon. Speaking of changes... I finally bought a new computer! The first new one I have owned since 2007. It is a refurbished MacBook Pro and I love it! 

Plus I love my Little Mermaid sticker that I bought for it, check out all the different options on, I found mine {here} and it was an easy fun way to accessorize my computer. I also put a clear case over it that I bought from Amazon. com to keep it safe. 

I've also made progress on the porch! Remember last week when I showed you the new (safer) decking?

Well, I had a four day weekend and decided to take that time to stain it! I used the color Gunstock by Minwax. I did it all with a brush. It was ridiculous to try and use the pad and the handle thing from Lowe's. It soaked up so much of the stain that I used 5 times as much on three planks as necessary. Ugh. It only took me a few short hours to complete and do the steps at the same time. 

Though I confess... I did accidentally forget to unlock the back door, it was cool. I hung out in my yard for like awhile.

Here's the after!

I totally love it! I think it gives the house more character and pop, plus it looks way fresher. Which is always a plus. Of course... once you finish one thing there are still more things to do.

Here's a few images of things that remain on the the To-Do list:

Summer Porchin' Re-do List:
  • Install new decking  $650.00
  • Stain new decking $20.00
  • Spray paint lawn furniture
  • New accessories for tables
  • Plant flowers
  • Touch up front door
  • Install dead bolt
  • Paint roof
  • Repair wood damage
  • Hang lights beneath awning
  • Paint trim and sides of deck

Hopefully I can manage to get a few of those things done before the summer really gets going. It would be great to have friends over to hang out and grill, and just have a good time. Until all that is done though... here's one last look at the cozy porch!

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