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5 Prenatal Work Outs on YouTube

I don't know about you guys, but being pregnant hasn't been a time where I've felt my sexiest. I'm sure each person has a very different and unique experience- for me, it has been super hard.

One of the things that is highly recommended by doctors and physicians is to continue to exercise throughout pregnancy. It makes it easier for birth, weight gain, the aches and pains of your body changing, and helps with the stress and anxiety of this crazy time period in your life.

We have been working on trimming our budget down a lot in order to anticipate Lincoln's arrival and one of the things we did cut was our gym membership. I haven't had the energy to use it and drive there since I've got a bit of a longer commute this year and next. Also, I am not as comfortable going to the gym with a baby belly. Shallow? Probably. But true.

Instead! I shut my blinds and have been doing some great work outs at home! Here are some of my favorite work out YouTube videos for prenatal exercise! *Make sure to check with your doctor on any work out regiments or routines.*

1. BodyFit by Amy 

Amy is super awesome! I don't always know all the fancy names for the work outs and she walks you through each step and gives you great modification ideas. She also works in a lot of breaks throughout. Each work out ranges from about 25 to 35 minutes. After a long day of work, that isn't terrible. You get in there, get out, and are already at home. You don't have an entire extra hour of having to drive to and fro and all that. I just throw the YouTube videos on to our TV using Google ChromeCast and it's great! She has strength work outs, pilates, and bodyweight workouts to fit where ever you are in your fitness journey.

One Room Challenge: Week 5

Friends, I have a confession. (Cue dancing Usher gif- circa 2006) I haven't made much progress on our nursery this week. We are in the final countdown to get done with the school year. 3.25 weeks, if you were wondering! And it's been a struggle to get all of us to the finish line. I've also decided to start taking on converting from my current blogging host to WordPress (Gods of Blogs, save me.) I think it is going to be a great move once I get it all figured out! I'm getting there! Also, it has been a beautiful week for weather in Colorado so we've spent a lot of time on yard work and cleaning up the patio for dinners and entertaining outside on the patio. 

So, here's a photo final list of all the things that we need to get finished. For actual progress check out week oneweek 2, week 3,  week 4 for all the changes and updates. Check out all the guest participants this week and see the amazing work they've done!

I' would like to get more of the wall art set up and established. We are waiting for now until after our Baby Shower to purchase or frame anything major because we aren't sure what we might get for gifts or what other vintage pieces we may come across. We are still aching to put up the vintage National Park travel photos.

Remember these from my inspiration post way back when?

We're working on finding on a dresser or hutch of some sort for this area and have been missing out on all the vintage style ones we've located on Craigslist, so that is still a journey. But we've gotten the globe and salt lamp! 

Nursery: Organization & Cleaning- ORC Week 4

We've been working hard on our nursery the past few weeks! To see all the progress check out week oneweek 2, and last week for all the changes and updates. It's been a lot of fun to see all the different varieties of work happening in all the other guest's different rooms! This challenge has definitely kept me motivated to see the project through to the end.

To-Do & Shopping List:
  • Lighter paint color
  • Better curtains (but with black out for more baby sleeps) Just need to hang up.
  • Rug
  • Paint crib
  • Rest of the furniture r
  • Organization and storage options
  • Changing station assembled
  • Lamps/lighting
  • Assemble crib 
  • Wall art
  • Organize closet
  • Accessories
  • Name art
  • Chair
  • Pouf/footstool- hoping for this one from my registry!
  • Smaller desk- likely this one from IKEA because we have a $50.00 gift card and it will adjust for when the baby grows up a bit and needs a little coloring desk or something. 
  • NEW Additions: 
    • Dresser
    • Shelves/Storage above desk for office supplies
    • Bigger bookcase???
    • More baskets for under changing table

We are definitely making some serious progress! For most of the wall art I did a little shopping around our house and in the garage where I've got some of my extra art stored for now. I did this to save some cash and also to get more items out of my storage area.

So ready for some progress? Let's start right when we look in through the door. One of the first things you see is the new desk area: