Ahhh busy day with da stripes.

I have encountered a lot of stripes today. My roommate was moved out by 1:30pm which was great! Finally an end to all the awkwardness. Shortly after he moved out I began purging the room of "aura of roommates" and started painting! As I mentioned earlier today I was really wanting stripes. I went with neutral gold tones since it flows with the house but makes the room stand out. So far it looks great!

I wont lie though I definitely should have waited for Justin. Im afraid im going to Peel back the tape and its going be wavy.... guess we'll find out and see!!

Finally! Office Plans,

So today is one of those days that I am both excited and sad about. Roommate move out day. I'm sad because I  always enjoy living with the person, excited because now it means I get to have my office and one less person to keep track of/clean up after! Before my roommate moves out I grab a few pictures of his room...

It definitely is a "dude" room right now and has that same color wall paint as the rest of the house. Great for roommates because it is easy to repaint but now that I will get the space to myself I want something a bit more classy and updated.

I seem to keep finding random beadboard throughout my house. This chunk here was sort of like the stuff in the laundry room. But that's okay! I just have to decide if I want to continue the beadboard around the entire room or just leave it there?

One step is to correct the uglio stripes on the ceiling and see what can be done with the closet doors. They are MASSIVE.. The length of an entire wall. It's not natural. The nice thing about that closet though is that on the left side that you see here I am going to be adding another shelf. Ahhhh! Linen storage! Yayy!!! I have yet to have such a thing so far in my grow-ed up life. It's pretty exciting.

My friend Brandi from SLC is going to be very proud of me once she learns what I have planned for the wall...


But not stripes like this.... that's obnoxious....

but something more horizontal and more soothing. I want to expand the space visually without it going overboard... So my inspiration is something more like this;

I know I know it's more beige colors but the ones that I have selected are warmer gold tones. Martha Stewart Ginger root and Pip. That  room tends to get really dark so I have to be very careful. Right now the ceiling light is a cheap 6.00 set up from Wal-Mart that was an emergency fix when I first moved into the house. It's better than a light bulb but not by much so that will be getting fixed too. Hopefully in an inexpensive DIY manner.

Does anyone have any advice on what to do with those closet doors? Should I take them down and put a curtain there? Perhaps I should just take them off all together and just keep the closet super organized...Or maybe I should see if I can paint them white? Ahhhh tough decisions.

DIY Wall Art??

So it has recently come to my attention that I am honestly lacking in great wall art. Especially in my living room. IKEA is still a novelty in my area and as much as I love my IKEA art it has been there for.... 2 years and I've gotten so used to it being there that I forget it even exists! So I am now on the hunt for some great new wall art but I have to do it on the cheap, actually I have to be as close to free as possible. So! I do have some extra artist canvas laying around from my art class last semester...

Perhaps if I take three of these canvas' in 11"x14" I can use all of the paint I also have left over from that class and create some cool wall art that is completely personalized. I have painted daisies before... but I think I might do something that is a bit more interesting. I'm kinda feeling some color on the wall. Hmmm... okay well I now have another project to add to the list! I just have to decide between;

or perhaps....

 It's a tough decision! I think I will have to try out a few different choices but all in all I know that the art I have now needs to be updated! Anyone have any good DIY wall art tips?


There is nothing that I love more than to have photos of the people I love. I enjoy being able to see them all around my house. And photos that look amazing and are well done? Can it get any better?? I vote it can not!

My friend Stephanie is a professional photographer and I have had the pleasure of working with her since we were in high school together! Recently she hosted a "cutest couples contest" that Justin and I had the pleasure of joining in on. You can see more of her work at her site. She does great work! Here are some of the photos that she did for Justin and I.

 I love all of them! It was so hard to pick just 10 of my favorites to fit into the package that I purchased! We decided that we wanted to be original and creative and do a "prince and princess" theme. What can I say I love the Little Mermaid. hehehe.

 I also really love that Stephanie can capture the essence of the moment so perfectly it's like you can see the love between us without having to say anything. Can I get a collective "awwwwww!"  I can't wait until this weekend when I get to see the prints in person! I order a few large ones that I want to DIY some amazing frames for! Add it to the "To-Do List" I think!

Does anyone else know of some great photographers or need to know how to find one? 

ReDo Tuesday: TV stand/File Cabinet

The office countdown has commenced! I only have 4 days until the fun begins in terms of being able to move into my office space! Yayyy!! I feel so grown up! (lil tears) Anyways I knew one of the things that I wanted to have in the office was a TV. Partly so that I can hook up a DVD player too it and have a separate work out area for Yoga and that kind of thing. But also so that if I am in there busy blogging or working on homework or paying bills I can have HGTV going in the background. Heheh. So once again I decided that I should transform the filing cabinet that I inherited for free into a TV stand. It was just ugly. U.G.L.Y. it didn't have an alibi etc etc. It was maroon. Apparently I attract maroon objects.

Not that filing cabinets are ever very exciting but I thought it would be fun to dress this one up. It will go inside of the long closet in the office just off to the corner so I decided to live a little and add some real color!

I chose lime green! I bought this paint color at Lowe's and figured I'd give it a try. It went on really well and had a great matte finish. 

I painted the drawers a silver color so that it would look a bit different then the rest of it. It's not very exciting but all in all I paid only 3.83 for the paint and the rest was free. Not too shabby for a filing cabinet! On the first of July is when the real action is going to start! I'm just getting prepared right now :)

Mulberry... sticks.

When I first moved into my house in the front yard there was a terrifyingly large bush. It actually looked like the top half of a tree just sticking up out of the ground and attempting to ascend. The bush was probably between 20-25 feet tall. It was soon discovered that it was in fact a mulberry bush! Actually they aren't really bushes, it seriously is more like a tree than anything. This year we thought that we would dig it up and put a pretty bird bath or something in its place because the mulberries that fall off of it aren't edible and just make a horrible sticky mess. My roommate Shayla took the plunge against the jumbo tree-bush. Which started out looking like this... 

Yeah it was pretty monstrous but now it looks like this....

In our defense we did find that there was a hornet's nest inside of the tree so we decided we should leave it alone. Calmly we walked away from the angry insects. It now looks like a dilapidated rose bush or something... Uh oh. Well at least the thing grows fast so in a couple weeks it will be full again... we'll just have to settle for shaping it this year until we figure out the hornet problem...

Lesson learned.

Laundry Room Phase II:

So I shared with you the laundry sneak peek before. Now I'm sharing the second phase! We have the cabinets assembled and organized to my satisfaction. We just have to put the cool handles that I found at Habitat for Humanity on. (2.00 for 3 handles) I had forgotten that there was beadboard behind the washer and dryer though! Sad thing is we will have to cover it up with the new washer and dryer... but! The new set is much much prettier than beadboard anyways!
Yayyy!!! My first major homeowner purchase! A front loading washer and dryer set! My previous set up was so loud that you had to blare the TV in the other room to hear over it, but now I get to stand in front of my washer... while on the phone... and have a full conversation! Is that amazingggg or what? I thought it was. That's how exciting my life is anyways.

We still have a few more things to put together for the laundry room such as a top shelf for the nooky-thing and a counter top for over the washer and dryer. Have I ever mentioned that my boyfriend is amazing and is creating it himself? Yeah... he is. I would like to attribute the color scheme of my laundry room to my good friend Brandi who is not afraid of color at all! Yay!

Showcase Sunday: How to Fake an Entryway!

I'll be honest... A mobile home has certain limitations. To maximize on the usable square footage the "architect" determined it would be best to forgo any sort of meaningless or task-less space. For example; closets and entryways. Who needs them! You simply walk in to usable space! Take your shoes off in the middle of the living room and just throw your coat somewhere because we don't need any pesky closets! A great idea in theory but really not realistic if there is more than 2 people inhabiting a 1200 square foot dwelling. So what can we do to create a space that has the feel of an entryway/foyer but still is open to the living room?

First I placed a bookshelf on the wall that is directly to the right of the door. It serves several functions 1. I'm an English teaching major I have a LOT of books so it gives me somewhere to house them. 2. It puts my plants out of the reach of my kitties. 3. It anchors the wall and does not take up too much space. 

One of the things I really dislike about faking an entryway is that there is no where to sit down and take your shoes off or set your coffee down while you're grabbing your purse, etc. So I placed the couch so that it functioned as a divider of the space without being a literal division. There is still the option of moving the couch any direction that's needed.

But ohhh man the back of the couch isn't pretty. Even with the blankets I have to have on there to protect my couch from Lucy's claws. (Notice how she has managed to place herself in every photo?)

When Shayla moved in with me in May she brought with her a hope chest. It was really gorgeous and had a lot of character. It didn't fit in her room so we decided that we needed somewhere else to put it. Right behind the couch was perfect! It offered somewhere to sit as well as creates a storage space. Right now it houses her extra dishes but you could put a shoe divider in there and it could store extra shoes or you could even stash blankets or pillows. Lucy demonstrates the sit-ability of the hope chest.

I found these pillows on a Walmart clearance over Christmas and the colors work well with the rest of my house so we set them along the back of the hope chest to really create a seating area. Lucy appreciates this because now she can stare at the front door.

This is the finished product of my "fake an entryway" It actually works really well because it directs you straight to the front closet so that jackets or other items can be placed inside. Haha Mr Mobile Architect! I have defied you and your no entryway set up! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Any good projects or staging going on?

Colorado Adventures: Country Jam

Country Jam is an annual event that takes place at the end of every June here on the Western Slope. Famous artists like Lady Antebellum, Alan Jackson, and Blake Sheldon come down for a 4 day musical festival. Really it is a lot of fun. You can check out all the different band's and features at the Country Jam website. This year for my birthday my mom got Justin and I tickets for Friday night. It was my 21st birthday and they were 21 and up only tickets. How exciting! But anyways... here are some photos from the splendid event...

Justin and I were posing so we could send a picture to my Mom who is currently out of town and wasn't able to go with us.

Hi Mom!

We soon began to realize that really Country Jam was a country music, cowboy hat, beer drinking riotously good time. We also realized that we had overdressed for the occasion. We didn't have an abundance of flesh showing! It was a general rule that we failed to notice. There was a surprising variety of uhmmm... eye candy.

Overall it was a pretty good time! We also received a free 5x7" picture in one of the tents that we got to tour through. It's especially funny because we were backed up to a green screen and... Justin was wearing a green shirt... So he has a crowd of music lovers' arms displayed across his chest. heheheh. Oh well it was free!

It was definitely an entertaining Friday excursion. Does anyone else have crazy local events that their town/county carries on? Do tell!

DIY Friday! Micro-wha?

Happy Friday!

Yay!! I love fridays! Fridays I only work from 10 am until 2 pm! Except today... Today I worked at 8am which means I get a lil bit of overtime. Sweet! Anyways. It's my favorite day today! DIY Friday! It's what I decided I ought to devote every Friday too. Now one of the things that I have already mentioned about my house is a severe lack of permanent storage of any kind. In my previous post about our guest bath renovation you can see that there is really only one tiny cabinet which only houses a blow dryer and tp because not much else fits. It was obvious I needed to provide my roommates with somewhere where they could store their extra  towels that wouldn't be in their rooms and would look great. So I got this microwave stand from my parents (they upgraded and no longer needed it) for free since they were just going to throw it out. It was cute and country before...

The oak and white was just fine and the little tiny doors on top were adorable. But they didn't quite match my house and again I was trying for the "I wish I was a built-in" (sang to the tune of the Oscar Meyer Weiner Song). With the assistance of my handy white semi-gloss as well as my favorite Hammered Krylon spray paint I made it into a lovely cabinet for the hallway.

I just took the doors off because they weren't necessary, painted the oak wood white, and spray painted the existing door knobs silver. And now inside the doors has two shelves that are perfect size for bath towels on the bottom and hand towels on the top. Yayy!

Total investment:

I already had all of the decorative accessories so for no money I made a great looking storage area that kept necessary items in their own area. How's that for a college student budget?

Lucy; the Reno-Cat

Lucy loves home renovation. In fact probably loves home renovations and paint more than she loves Justin. Which is saying a lot. Lucy loves Justin. Lucy loves Justin's legs... Justin's hands, Justin's pant leg, Justin's smelly shoes, Justin's lap, Justin's shoulders, if it has anything to do with Justin she loves it.

The love they share can be seen as they spent a special moment together by the Christmas tree last year...

So it's no surprise that she set up shop in the laundry room as we were working. (Notice how Justin is near by?)

Lucy was busy expressing her concern over the darker color of the walls that we had selected. Wasn't it too dark? Would it disturb the flow of the house? How does this paint taste? At her last question we had to chase her out of the laundry room for her own safety. Not to mention the possibility of a trip to the emergency vet, or at very least paw prints.. Lucy decided that she would sneak over (near Justin) and hide! We'd never find her!!! Mwahahah! Of course her chosen hiding place was under a stool... that Justin was sitting on... andddd she was a little to fat to fit all the way underneath...

My cats are really characters and as crazy as they are I love them no matter what. I am concerned though... Is this fascination with paint and toxic material a normal animalistic trait? Who else has animals that do these things?

I love Vase.

My new roommate Shayla is a chef. Chefs have lots of kitchen things. Shayla had lots of kitchen things. My kitchen was already crammed full of all of my kitchen things so we needed some where to put Shayla's too. I like to give my roommates their own space also if we keep it all separate it's much easier come moving time or rearranging, etc. I had this old dresser that we painted white and placed under the window. As much as I love white something about it was well... "too white."

I saw this idea on younghouselove.com where they took an assorted bunch of vases and put them together on a tray out in their sun room. The way that the light caught in the different vases was really cool. Sooo I decided I should do something like that too! Now the vases that they had were lime green and aqua and clear. I worked with that same color palette (my house is all cool beachy sort of tones) but I added more white vases.

So far it has ended up looking really cool. I believe I only spent about 8.00 on the entire arrangement because I found that basket at Goodwill for 1.49 and the vases ranged from free-2.99. Here's a closer look at the arrangement...

Future home office!

I get to move into my new office at the beginning of July. After owning my home for three years I finally can afford to live with only one other roommate. Meaning when the current one moves out I'll be able to take advantage of more square footage! It will function as an office, study room (since I return for my last year of college in August), a work out area, decorating/idea/blogging haven, and importantly extra storage. I'm SUPER excited to have more storage space! No more bedding stuffed in under bed storage bags... ahhhh it sounds so sweet. But that's still about a week and a half away sooo.... I decided I should start collecting ideas for my space.

First things first I need a great way to store my paperwork. One thing I have learned is that when it comes to bills it's best to only handle things once otherwise you don't pay the water bill but you pay the electric twice... which doesn't really work out well. I found this great and really inexpensive idea on BHG.com (and now that my budget is getting cut per month inexpensive is even more important).

Drying rack storage solution.

Its a great idea! You can pick up these racks for practically nothing at Goodwill or Salvation Army and then just get some colorful and fun file folders! It'll be great! Since this is my first office I'm not sure what else I will need. I have a regular file cabinet that would fit great in the closet that I can store some other files in. I'm thinking it will need a make over as it's maroon right now. I wonder if contact paper would work? hmmmm.... So many options. What are other good ways to use space effectively and stay organized in a bedroom-turned-office?

Dr Krylon Gives Patio Chairs Facelift!

Earlier I posted about cozy porch updates which really turned out to be amazing! But specifically I should hone in on the patio set that I totally revamped. My friend was moving out of her town home and into a condo so she no longer had the patio space for a large 8 piece set and she knew my love for DIY and decorating so she told me that I could have them if I picked them up! I jumped at the opportunity and called my BFF Caitlin and her little Toyota and we crammed it in there (thankfully she thought to bring bungy cords). As much as I love aqua and sand I wasn't a huge fan of the way that the chairs looked. I wanted something that looked expensive that I didn't have to pay much for. Remember how they used to look like this?

Well now they look like this!

It definitely gave me a hand cramp from all the spray paint I used, it would have been great to have known about the little adapter thing you can attach. Lesson learned there for sure. I tried a few different spray paint brands and Krylon for exterior surfaces in semi gloss dark brown was by far the best. It applied fast and easy and looked really smooth. But they do look great! I love how the great pillows that my mom made for me really pop against the dark color and work well with my fun summer lanterns..

Wanna see where the party is at? Check it out!


If you like how cheap I am and want to see more.... feel free to follow! hehe :)

Father's Day DIY

You can tell that DIY runs in the family. My parents fence blew over in one of our infamously random Colorado wind storms sooo to save some cash my dad decided to do it himself. He did the floors in my house too. Since he was all alone today (my mom, brother, and sister are all on their way to South Dakota) I decided I should stay and help him for awhile. Love the smell of cedar fencing!

Hope everyone is having a great Fathers Day!

"Wine is the most civilized thing in the world." -Ernest Hemingway.

My mom and I love to go thrift storing. Sometimes you can find really great stuff for cheap! I have amassed a huge collection of vases and glassware from thrift stores. hehehe. :)
One thing I've been wanting for some time now is a wine rack.I'm not a heavy drinker but I like to relax with Justin on the porch with a great glass of wine some nights. The only problem that I was encountering was... where do I find one that will fit and that Pouka and Lucy won't knock down all the time? Tough question really... that and space is always an issue because my house is fairly limited. 

Luck was definitely on our side when we came across this guy for only 6.00 at our local Goodwill shop!

It was a steal! You could tell it was home made but that doesn't bother me at all. It would probably cost more in materials to make the thing then it did for me to buy it. I have a serious love for white semi-gloss paint. Partly because of my white beadboard in my living space I like when it feels once again "built in" I guess it's the cottage lover in me. With some paint.... which took a longggg time because there were so many nooks and crannies on this as well, it looks great! Now I just need some more wine to put in it don't you think? Anyone know of any good wines to try out and add to my collection?

laundry room sneak peek.!

So aside from my house one of my first major purchases was my new front loading washer and dryer! I will definitely be sure to share the pictures of my full laundry room renovation when it's 100% right now it's closer to  87.98% complete. But! My laundry room... perhaps one of the funkiest layouts. It's right off the kitchen and there's this bump out space about big enough to work as a closet space or even a small freezer and then the washer and dryer are just to the left. My two cats (Pouka and Lucy) are 100% indoor cats, which explains why they are fat and spoiled. Indoor cats means.... litter box. Ew. Gross. Nasty-ness. Well what does one do to hide the litter box if friends etc come over?

Make a Kitty Kabinet! Yayyy!! My old roommate was moving out and left behind a large dresser and a desk. The desk wasn't so well off it was warped and lumpy and dark wood and the legs were all falling off... but! With some assistance from my handsome Justin we customized it by cutting down the desk portion so that it created more storage for trash bags, cat supplies, and other miscellaneous household items. We fit it perfectly snug inside the weird nook spot so that it had the appearance of a "built-in." Nothing in a modular is really architecturally built in so we have to create the illusion. Which I think worked out with some white paint and aqua swirls... spray painted handles....

I thought it would be great to have some sort of curtain or something to cover the litter box with. It's not very lovely to have a litter box in such proximity to the kitchen so we thought of the idea of a curtain for the litter box!

Thankfully my mother is very talented and used some remaining fabric from my patio pillows to create little curtains! (That or she was embarrassed of my worn out towel mashed to the side...) 

With the addition of a Closet Maid closet organizer shelf and some accessories it created a lot more storage for all the random things I tend to accumulate. To be honest I haven't even filled up all the space completely yet!

Well there is a sneak peak of my new laundry room set up... This is only the first step there will be so much more too see! I wonder what other ways there are to create more storage  in a laundry room that's functional? Any ideas?