80's bathroom Horrorrrrrr!

My guest bathroom is very small. By very small I mean.... very small. But it does have a full tub/shower as well as cabinet and the other necessary devices one would need in a functional bathroom. What wasn't so functional is the weird sand brown paint color. We reused it in the bathroom after it looked so great in the living room, you know thinking it would be a really cohesive look and would flow....

The maroon trim is beautiful don't you think? Also the trunk looking strap thingys on the door are really great I think. A total decorative touch! It appeals to every traveler who is a'traveling.... in the... bathroom... really?

I would like to say that modulars do not necessarily come with thick sturdy dry wall... so my cute floating shelf   idea... well obviously they weren't really floating. They were definitely sagging and the cute little vases were sliding towards the abyss that was the edge.

But with a bit of assistance from my trusty helper! (cue boyfriend Justin...) It was remodeled and made beautiful! (with a bit of credit to our friend... Uncle Sam)

OOOO!!! So pretty now! The blue color was not supposed to be so blue... we were going more for a very light pale blue but lesson learned... cheap paint is not worth the savings... sorry Walmart... anyways! We painted the weird trunk style cabinets a dark charcoal that hides the wood grain and actually worked well with the wall color.

I'm partial to brushed nickel/silver so we added some new handles on the doors for about 3.50. The major difference was the counter top. It was bad when we started taking the tile out... we actually realized that there was no actual support for the counter or the sink and it was starting to sag into the

Voila! An all new counter! It was a one piece set from Home Depot that we paid only 89.00 for. It works really well and we even got a new faucet for it! It really makes the whole place seem less dreary and dingy.

I love this angle now! Before it had the saggy supposed to float shelves. With some cheap "L" brackets we hooked them back up and I bought some great neutral/earth tone accessories to kinda tone down the whole nursery blue color. The white shower curtain keeps the room from getting too dark and my new light fixture that I found on clearance for only.... 16.00 was an amazing deal!

We painted the door and the ugly yellow stripes on the ceiling. I really reallyyyy REALLYYY wanted a new light fixture for the ceiling... but I had already maxed out my budget so I used my left over Hammered Krylon spray paint in silver and simply primered and painted it... Not bad for 4.97 in spray paint ey?

And thus is the story of my $250 dollar-ish total guest bathroom renovation and deliverance into the present century. Yay!

Budget Breakdown:

  • counter top: 84.00 @ Home Depot
  • light fixture: 16.00 @ WalMart
  • new handle/lock: 10.42 @ Home Depot
  • paint, Colorplace: 46.97 (3 gallons) @WalMart
  • ceiling light: FREE! (came with the house and already had paint)
  • new fluffy bathmat: 14.00 @ Bed Bath and Beyond
  • framed flower wall art: 20.00 for both @Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Candle holders and flower: 11.00 @ Ross
  • towel bar (not shown): 11.00 @ Walmart
  • new hand towels: 14.00 @Bed Bath and Beyond
      • TOTAL: 228.00 (not including taxes)

The party is at The Shabby Nest!

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