Colorado Adventures: Country Jam

Country Jam is an annual event that takes place at the end of every June here on the Western Slope. Famous artists like Lady Antebellum, Alan Jackson, and Blake Sheldon come down for a 4 day musical festival. Really it is a lot of fun. You can check out all the different band's and features at the Country Jam website. This year for my birthday my mom got Justin and I tickets for Friday night. It was my 21st birthday and they were 21 and up only tickets. How exciting! But anyways... here are some photos from the splendid event...

Justin and I were posing so we could send a picture to my Mom who is currently out of town and wasn't able to go with us.

Hi Mom!

We soon began to realize that really Country Jam was a country music, cowboy hat, beer drinking riotously good time. We also realized that we had overdressed for the occasion. We didn't have an abundance of flesh showing! It was a general rule that we failed to notice. There was a surprising variety of uhmmm... eye candy.

Overall it was a pretty good time! We also received a free 5x7" picture in one of the tents that we got to tour through. It's especially funny because we were backed up to a green screen and... Justin was wearing a green shirt... So he has a crowd of music lovers' arms displayed across his chest. heheheh. Oh well it was free!

It was definitely an entertaining Friday excursion. Does anyone else have crazy local events that their town/county carries on? Do tell!

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