Cozy porch updates :)

The disadvantage to the fact that my home is a modular is that there is really no way to make the existing porch any different structurally since it is attached to the posts that support the awning and that is poured in concrete. If money wasn't an object it wouldn't be a problem but well... I'm on a shoestring budget! So how can I update my green turf carpet, bizarre stair case heights, and lack of seating?

I abandoned my plastic chairs and got a *brand* new set from a friend! Okay they weren't really brand new. They were originally from the early 90s and they have a lovely paint color to match. Check these out....

Yeah definitely not what I was going for. I wanted something that looked high end but that wouldn't cost very much. An 8 piece patio set for free was just the ticket. After probably 12 cans of Krylon semi-gloss paint they are now the lovely brown that you see above. The new color goes perfectly with summery colors like yellow. The throw pillows you see were a total of 9.99 for an outdoor tablecloth and then my mom sewed them up for free! Custom decor at it's finest!

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