DIY Friday :) Hollywood Regency Mirror...

I was flipping through and came across this BEA-UTIFUL! It was by RevivedVintage which you can see at this link  here!

It really is a stunning piece and I have been looking for something to replace an old dingy medicine cabinet in my master bathroom. Sadly this beautiful mirror is outside of my price range at 129.00 not including shipping... So what does a girl do when the budget won't allow for such?

Well of course I DIY my own!

Alright so it's hideous right now. Brass isn't really my thing either but it was only 12.00 buckaroos at my local Habitat for Humanity. Someone apparently didn't believe in the potential of the mirror when they stuffed it sideways in the bottom of a huge bin. I pulled it out and literally... in the store... said.... "Cha-CHING!" With a little white paint like the lovely one above....

Ahhh it is sooo amazing! Those nooks and crannies were impressively difficult to stuff my paint brush into but after about 3 hours and 6 ish coats it turned out pretty well! I totally can't wait to hang it up! I think it will be just the encouragement I need to have Justin help me redo the bathroom, it makes sense. A bathroom must match the 12.00 mirror... right?

Check out where I'm DIY partying!

The DIY Show Off

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  1. LOVE IT! it looks like something from Flynn's house in Tron :D


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