DIY Friday! Micro-wha?

Happy Friday!

Yay!! I love fridays! Fridays I only work from 10 am until 2 pm! Except today... Today I worked at 8am which means I get a lil bit of overtime. Sweet! Anyways. It's my favorite day today! DIY Friday! It's what I decided I ought to devote every Friday too. Now one of the things that I have already mentioned about my house is a severe lack of permanent storage of any kind. In my previous post about our guest bath renovation you can see that there is really only one tiny cabinet which only houses a blow dryer and tp because not much else fits. It was obvious I needed to provide my roommates with somewhere where they could store their extra  towels that wouldn't be in their rooms and would look great. So I got this microwave stand from my parents (they upgraded and no longer needed it) for free since they were just going to throw it out. It was cute and country before...

The oak and white was just fine and the little tiny doors on top were adorable. But they didn't quite match my house and again I was trying for the "I wish I was a built-in" (sang to the tune of the Oscar Meyer Weiner Song). With the assistance of my handy white semi-gloss as well as my favorite Hammered Krylon spray paint I made it into a lovely cabinet for the hallway.

I just took the doors off because they weren't necessary, painted the oak wood white, and spray painted the existing door knobs silver. And now inside the doors has two shelves that are perfect size for bath towels on the bottom and hand towels on the top. Yayy!

Total investment:

I already had all of the decorative accessories so for no money I made a great looking storage area that kept necessary items in their own area. How's that for a college student budget?

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