DIY Wall Art??

So it has recently come to my attention that I am honestly lacking in great wall art. Especially in my living room. IKEA is still a novelty in my area and as much as I love my IKEA art it has been there for.... 2 years and I've gotten so used to it being there that I forget it even exists! So I am now on the hunt for some great new wall art but I have to do it on the cheap, actually I have to be as close to free as possible. So! I do have some extra artist canvas laying around from my art class last semester...

Perhaps if I take three of these canvas' in 11"x14" I can use all of the paint I also have left over from that class and create some cool wall art that is completely personalized. I have painted daisies before... but I think I might do something that is a bit more interesting. I'm kinda feeling some color on the wall. Hmmm... okay well I now have another project to add to the list! I just have to decide between;

or perhaps....

 It's a tough decision! I think I will have to try out a few different choices but all in all I know that the art I have now needs to be updated! Anyone have any good DIY wall art tips?

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