Finally! Office Plans,

So today is one of those days that I am both excited and sad about. Roommate move out day. I'm sad because I  always enjoy living with the person, excited because now it means I get to have my office and one less person to keep track of/clean up after! Before my roommate moves out I grab a few pictures of his room...

It definitely is a "dude" room right now and has that same color wall paint as the rest of the house. Great for roommates because it is easy to repaint but now that I will get the space to myself I want something a bit more classy and updated.

I seem to keep finding random beadboard throughout my house. This chunk here was sort of like the stuff in the laundry room. But that's okay! I just have to decide if I want to continue the beadboard around the entire room or just leave it there?

One step is to correct the uglio stripes on the ceiling and see what can be done with the closet doors. They are MASSIVE.. The length of an entire wall. It's not natural. The nice thing about that closet though is that on the left side that you see here I am going to be adding another shelf. Ahhhh! Linen storage! Yayy!!! I have yet to have such a thing so far in my grow-ed up life. It's pretty exciting.

My friend Brandi from SLC is going to be very proud of me once she learns what I have planned for the wall...


But not stripes like this.... that's obnoxious....

but something more horizontal and more soothing. I want to expand the space visually without it going overboard... So my inspiration is something more like this;

I know I know it's more beige colors but the ones that I have selected are warmer gold tones. Martha Stewart Ginger root and Pip. That  room tends to get really dark so I have to be very careful. Right now the ceiling light is a cheap 6.00 set up from Wal-Mart that was an emergency fix when I first moved into the house. It's better than a light bulb but not by much so that will be getting fixed too. Hopefully in an inexpensive DIY manner.

Does anyone have any advice on what to do with those closet doors? Should I take them down and put a curtain there? Perhaps I should just take them off all together and just keep the closet super organized...Or maybe I should see if I can paint them white? Ahhhh tough decisions.

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