Future home office!

I get to move into my new office at the beginning of July. After owning my home for three years I finally can afford to live with only one other roommate. Meaning when the current one moves out I'll be able to take advantage of more square footage! It will function as an office, study room (since I return for my last year of college in August), a work out area, decorating/idea/blogging haven, and importantly extra storage. I'm SUPER excited to have more storage space! No more bedding stuffed in under bed storage bags... ahhhh it sounds so sweet. But that's still about a week and a half away sooo.... I decided I should start collecting ideas for my space.

First things first I need a great way to store my paperwork. One thing I have learned is that when it comes to bills it's best to only handle things once otherwise you don't pay the water bill but you pay the electric twice... which doesn't really work out well. I found this great and really inexpensive idea on BHG.com (and now that my budget is getting cut per month inexpensive is even more important).

Drying rack storage solution.

Its a great idea! You can pick up these racks for practically nothing at Goodwill or Salvation Army and then just get some colorful and fun file folders! It'll be great! Since this is my first office I'm not sure what else I will need. I have a regular file cabinet that would fit great in the closet that I can store some other files in. I'm thinking it will need a make over as it's maroon right now. I wonder if contact paper would work? hmmmm.... So many options. What are other good ways to use space effectively and stay organized in a bedroom-turned-office?

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