I love Vase.

My new roommate Shayla is a chef. Chefs have lots of kitchen things. Shayla had lots of kitchen things. My kitchen was already crammed full of all of my kitchen things so we needed some where to put Shayla's too. I like to give my roommates their own space also if we keep it all separate it's much easier come moving time or rearranging, etc. I had this old dresser that we painted white and placed under the window. As much as I love white something about it was well... "too white."

I saw this idea on younghouselove.com where they took an assorted bunch of vases and put them together on a tray out in their sun room. The way that the light caught in the different vases was really cool. Sooo I decided I should do something like that too! Now the vases that they had were lime green and aqua and clear. I worked with that same color palette (my house is all cool beachy sort of tones) but I added more white vases.

So far it has ended up looking really cool. I believe I only spent about 8.00 on the entire arrangement because I found that basket at Goodwill for 1.49 and the vases ranged from free-2.99. Here's a closer look at the arrangement...

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