Laundry Room Phase II:

So I shared with you the laundry sneak peek before. Now I'm sharing the second phase! We have the cabinets assembled and organized to my satisfaction. We just have to put the cool handles that I found at Habitat for Humanity on. (2.00 for 3 handles) I had forgotten that there was beadboard behind the washer and dryer though! Sad thing is we will have to cover it up with the new washer and dryer... but! The new set is much much prettier than beadboard anyways!
Yayyy!!! My first major homeowner purchase! A front loading washer and dryer set! My previous set up was so loud that you had to blare the TV in the other room to hear over it, but now I get to stand in front of my washer... while on the phone... and have a full conversation! Is that amazingggg or what? I thought it was. That's how exciting my life is anyways.

We still have a few more things to put together for the laundry room such as a top shelf for the nooky-thing and a counter top for over the washer and dryer. Have I ever mentioned that my boyfriend is amazing and is creating it himself? Yeah... he is. I would like to attribute the color scheme of my laundry room to my good friend Brandi who is not afraid of color at all! Yay!


  1. you should never be afraid of color, if you are then things turn out like our house...all i'm working on getting rid of the beige slowly but surely. btw the charcoal color looks fabulous!!!

  2. I am learning slowly but surely! I'm glad that I have you to randomly send pictures too even if you are far away! Yay!


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