laundry room sneak peek.!

So aside from my house one of my first major purchases was my new front loading washer and dryer! I will definitely be sure to share the pictures of my full laundry room renovation when it's 100% right now it's closer to  87.98% complete. But! My laundry room... perhaps one of the funkiest layouts. It's right off the kitchen and there's this bump out space about big enough to work as a closet space or even a small freezer and then the washer and dryer are just to the left. My two cats (Pouka and Lucy) are 100% indoor cats, which explains why they are fat and spoiled. Indoor cats means.... litter box. Ew. Gross. Nasty-ness. Well what does one do to hide the litter box if friends etc come over?

Make a Kitty Kabinet! Yayyy!! My old roommate was moving out and left behind a large dresser and a desk. The desk wasn't so well off it was warped and lumpy and dark wood and the legs were all falling off... but! With some assistance from my handsome Justin we customized it by cutting down the desk portion so that it created more storage for trash bags, cat supplies, and other miscellaneous household items. We fit it perfectly snug inside the weird nook spot so that it had the appearance of a "built-in." Nothing in a modular is really architecturally built in so we have to create the illusion. Which I think worked out with some white paint and aqua swirls... spray painted handles....

I thought it would be great to have some sort of curtain or something to cover the litter box with. It's not very lovely to have a litter box in such proximity to the kitchen so we thought of the idea of a curtain for the litter box!

Thankfully my mother is very talented and used some remaining fabric from my patio pillows to create little curtains! (That or she was embarrassed of my worn out towel mashed to the side...) 

With the addition of a Closet Maid closet organizer shelf and some accessories it created a lot more storage for all the random things I tend to accumulate. To be honest I haven't even filled up all the space completely yet!

Well there is a sneak peak of my new laundry room set up... This is only the first step there will be so much more too see! I wonder what other ways there are to create more storage  in a laundry room that's functional? Any ideas? 

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