Lucy; the Reno-Cat

Lucy loves home renovation. In fact probably loves home renovations and paint more than she loves Justin. Which is saying a lot. Lucy loves Justin. Lucy loves Justin's legs... Justin's hands, Justin's pant leg, Justin's smelly shoes, Justin's lap, Justin's shoulders, if it has anything to do with Justin she loves it.

The love they share can be seen as they spent a special moment together by the Christmas tree last year...

So it's no surprise that she set up shop in the laundry room as we were working. (Notice how Justin is near by?)

Lucy was busy expressing her concern over the darker color of the walls that we had selected. Wasn't it too dark? Would it disturb the flow of the house? How does this paint taste? At her last question we had to chase her out of the laundry room for her own safety. Not to mention the possibility of a trip to the emergency vet, or at very least paw prints.. Lucy decided that she would sneak over (near Justin) and hide! We'd never find her!!! Mwahahah! Of course her chosen hiding place was under a stool... that Justin was sitting on... andddd she was a little to fat to fit all the way underneath...

My cats are really characters and as crazy as they are I love them no matter what. I am concerned though... Is this fascination with paint and toxic material a normal animalistic trait? Who else has animals that do these things?


  1. um, as your design consultant and close friend (and mischievous cat owner also)...ya they all are like that when doing home renovations cats are better contained in another room of the house (with a couple kitty treats and toys), my cat even likes to be all up in your business when your cleaning the cat box (he has to make sure your doing a good job)

  2. Ahhh you are wise friend! I have attempted to lock her in my bedroom but alas.... she started eating the corner of the door.... Really... There's a gnawed on corner. Lol! That's funny that he likes to assist with the litter box! Lucy usually hops in to ummmm survey the cleanliness before I even have the lid back on! hehehe... cats... poor Ehren and Justin are subject to our cat love.


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