Mulberry... sticks.

When I first moved into my house in the front yard there was a terrifyingly large bush. It actually looked like the top half of a tree just sticking up out of the ground and attempting to ascend. The bush was probably between 20-25 feet tall. It was soon discovered that it was in fact a mulberry bush! Actually they aren't really bushes, it seriously is more like a tree than anything. This year we thought that we would dig it up and put a pretty bird bath or something in its place because the mulberries that fall off of it aren't edible and just make a horrible sticky mess. My roommate Shayla took the plunge against the jumbo tree-bush. Which started out looking like this... 

Yeah it was pretty monstrous but now it looks like this....

In our defense we did find that there was a hornet's nest inside of the tree so we decided we should leave it alone. Calmly we walked away from the angry insects. It now looks like a dilapidated rose bush or something... Uh oh. Well at least the thing grows fast so in a couple weeks it will be full again... we'll just have to settle for shaping it this year until we figure out the hornet problem...

Lesson learned.

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  1. i didnt have a well thought out plan for the attack.. i was basically taking out some aggression from the night previous. i had nothing else to aim it at so i targeted the bush/tree.


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