Showcase Sunday: How to Fake an Entryway!

I'll be honest... A mobile home has certain limitations. To maximize on the usable square footage the "architect" determined it would be best to forgo any sort of meaningless or task-less space. For example; closets and entryways. Who needs them! You simply walk in to usable space! Take your shoes off in the middle of the living room and just throw your coat somewhere because we don't need any pesky closets! A great idea in theory but really not realistic if there is more than 2 people inhabiting a 1200 square foot dwelling. So what can we do to create a space that has the feel of an entryway/foyer but still is open to the living room?

First I placed a bookshelf on the wall that is directly to the right of the door. It serves several functions 1. I'm an English teaching major I have a LOT of books so it gives me somewhere to house them. 2. It puts my plants out of the reach of my kitties. 3. It anchors the wall and does not take up too much space. 

One of the things I really dislike about faking an entryway is that there is no where to sit down and take your shoes off or set your coffee down while you're grabbing your purse, etc. So I placed the couch so that it functioned as a divider of the space without being a literal division. There is still the option of moving the couch any direction that's needed.

But ohhh man the back of the couch isn't pretty. Even with the blankets I have to have on there to protect my couch from Lucy's claws. (Notice how she has managed to place herself in every photo?)

When Shayla moved in with me in May she brought with her a hope chest. It was really gorgeous and had a lot of character. It didn't fit in her room so we decided that we needed somewhere else to put it. Right behind the couch was perfect! It offered somewhere to sit as well as creates a storage space. Right now it houses her extra dishes but you could put a shoe divider in there and it could store extra shoes or you could even stash blankets or pillows. Lucy demonstrates the sit-ability of the hope chest.

I found these pillows on a Walmart clearance over Christmas and the colors work well with the rest of my house so we set them along the back of the hope chest to really create a seating area. Lucy appreciates this because now she can stare at the front door.

This is the finished product of my "fake an entryway" It actually works really well because it directs you straight to the front closet so that jackets or other items can be placed inside. Haha Mr Mobile Architect! I have defied you and your no entryway set up! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Any good projects or staging going on?

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