Antique Vases!

I absolutely love antique vases. I also love mason jars. Recently as my Mom and I have been out on our weekly thrift store hunt I have managed to accumulate an even greater collection of my sweet jars. I even found an antique jar that has tinted glass! It's gorgeous and it has a lavender hue. It's somewhat similar to the really rare and reallyyy expensive Leadville CO glass like this one which sells on ebay for 50.00 at least:

Here's my entire collection that I've gotten at Goodwill in the last few days. I loveee it. My mom is really great at finding the blue Ball jars too. Those ones are my absolute favorite but they're hard to come by around here. 

I also found some cute white vases that are a bit more modern but still totally adorable. 

That little guy in the middle is an IKEA vase! Amazing to find in my town especially at a thrift store.  Of course I have to start finding places to put all of my amazing vases... right now they are just collecting on my counter.... hmmm time to decorate I think!

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday so far!

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