Happy Fourth of July!

 I hope that everyone is having a great holiday today! Lucky for me I get to work all day.... Yayyy. But that's okay because at least I get double-time and a half. Can't beat that! 

Since I am stuck at work all day I thought I would just share some more inspiration ideas that I found at Better Homes & Gardens today! Once I am all finished with the office I will get to work on my master finally! So I figured this was a good time to start collecting ideas for my inspiratia-log!

Check out this great bathroom redo! Those are sooo my colors! I love white cabinetry and blues and greens... mmhmmm!

Hope everyone enjoys their holiday today and shoots off some fireworks for me! :)

P.S. I had to change my Blogspot name because of some issues I was having with it accessing different kinds of pages due to the way that my name is spelled! Sorry for the inconvenience but it is now;

Thank you!

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