Laundry Room Shelf Makings...

I am sorry that I've been slacking on posting this week. I haven't been feeling very well because I found out that this:
This guy is just hanging out on one of my ovaries which is EXTREMELY painful. It hurts it to lay down... it hurts it to sit down... basically it just hurts. But it does put a damper on any of my DIY because I have done little more than clean the dishes and lay on the couch watching the entire 4 seasons of the Tudors. Which is a great show.

I love how clever this picture is... hehehe. But anyways! I thought I would share a little bit about how we made that totally sweet shelf in the laundry room

First we used the left over MDF that we had from building the laundry room counter

Justin designed it all and measured it out to get it to fit into the random nook area that we were so blessed with. Awww he's so nice. 

The way that it works in our house is that Justin designs and builds it. I come up the ideas and then paint it. It works out so far. So with my white semigloss that I love I painted the MDF so that it would match the cabinets and the counters. I discovered a trick with the paint too since I don't have a garage that I just put a plastic Wal Mart bag around the paint can and then I can hammer the lid on and any mess just falls into the bag. Makes storing a bunch of extra paint a little bit cleaner when it has to be stored inside.

Justin cut out these pieces with a Jigsaw and put them across the front to give it a more "finished look" He thinks of everything!

He even created a cool piece for the back part so it would act as a support and also look good. Of course I didn't think ahead and paint the bottom of the shelf before we put it into the nook.

Since trying to maneuver it caused a little trouble....

Ehhh ooops. I decided just to paint the shelf in place. Which was somewhat of a challenge. But it did turn out great!

I have so much storage in my laundry room now that I don't even know what to do with myself! It's amazing and I totally love it!

Hope everyone is having a great week and getting lots of great projects done. ;)

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  1. Beautiful! I really like the detailing :)

    Thanks so much for linking to "20 Below Thursday"! :)


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