Liven up the Living Room!

Sorry for my delay on posting today! An ambulance ride from work yesterday sort of put me behind. Don't worry! There wasn't anything major wrong. I have a persistent cyst on my right ovary the size of a small citrus.... It might need surgical intervention. I won't lie I'm terrified! Scary stuff to find out at 21, isn't that suppose to be in its prime? But it'll all get taken care of, I have faith in that.

My new goal now that I have the office mostly completed and the laundry room entirely finished is to focus on updating some of my other spaces through inexpensive measures. One way that I wanted to do that was by getting a new squishy rug for the living room as well as wall art. My Mom and I were hunting around (again) for  some deals and steals when I came across a lovely fellow at Target. Target always has such great stuff and it is even better because it's not very expensive either!

It was definitely fun trying to push this guy around the store. lol. Here's what he looks like in action:

I think it looks so much more grown up then it did before! And the rug fits the space much better then the little IKEA rug did. Though I still love that one a lot. Hope everyone is having a great start to their weekend!

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