Mom + Goodwill= True Love

I have decided to just allow my mom to run lose at Goodwill and Salvation Army. I'm just going to let her run amuck! Why you ask? Well! Because she finds amazing deals for me and I always luck out in the end! Check out this awesome cubby shelf thingy that she got for me! I dunno what it is exactly looks like it may or may not have been a coffee table.... or possibly took up former residence in a mudroom... who knows. It has beadboard.

Beadboard= cute. Love Beadboard.

And he does certainly look adorable in the random nook in my bedroom. The top is very scratched up but I'm thinking that I can maybe repaint it a nice dark color again and then keep the pillows. The storage for all of my extra books is really nice also for blankets and that kind of thing as well.

(Secret: The "M" is for Meaghan hehehehe)

But! She has also found me this charming chair for my office! It's much better then the rickety free chair I inherited from my brother in high school. 

Lucy has to ensure that she is involved in the whole blogging process... particularly the photography she would like to ensure is properly performed.

 Mom found this chair for me for only 6.00 at Goodwill! Now of course it needs work... the seat is a little depressing as it looks like old dentist office carpeting and the arms and legs are unfinished and various shades of... whatever shade of wood that is suppose to be. But! It does have some cool detail and with a staple gun and some discount fabric I think it would make a great chair to have in the office by my bookshelf (payday is the 22nd so.... ya know) and Lucy already has stamped her approval...

She doesn't mind the weird fabric, all the better to scratch her claws with. I'll definitely be keeping you posted on how we upcycle these to pieces to something amazing and functional! 

Hope you're having a great day! Any other great Goodwill finds out there?

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