Multi-purpose closet!

As I have mentioned before my house has no extra closets, only one entry closet and bedroom closets. This is not conducive to a household full of 2-3 people. It just doesn't work so when I took over the extra bedroom to make it into my office it had to do several things. It needed to act as storage for office supplies, a location to house Shayla's massage table, and also storage for extra linens.  How in the world was I going to pack all of that into one closet? One thing that I didn't want to do was adding shelving onto one end of the closet. Reason being that the studs aren't evenly spaced for a shelf and it would be a bit too permanent for someone like me who loves to reorganize things all the time.

I found this sweater organizer at Target for only 7.99 and it seemed a great solution. It could hold a number of sheets and pillowcases and isn't permanent by any means. Also if I choose I can put it into another room! Those plastic container things are from the slip covers on my couches. I tend to keep those bags and zippered plastic containers because they work well for storing blankets as well as sheets and curtains. Basically things that tend to get unruly.

That is definitely a massage table that you see there. Shayla is a licensed massage therapist and it is prettyyyy cool. The addition of the office gave her a space where she can now do massage out of the home in privacy. Which is always nice I think! 

I'm pretty sure that I will be getting another one that I can place next to it for other items. Like canvases or paint supplies. Who knows? With these cheap puppies the opportunities are endless! What are some other creative, non-permanent ways to add extra storage?

Hope you are having a great Monday so far!

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