Office Renovation.

I'm just going to say it.

Painting stripes is hard.


I dunno that I'm ever going to do it again. Seriously.

But they look amazing! I'm almost done with them I just have to finish the lighter colored stripes. Phew. But the ceiling is taken care of and cleaned up! My father will probably kill me once he sees that I  painted the ceiling but! Oh well.

This is the office before I started painting the wall or ceilings...

It wasn't bad or anything it just didn't scream cozy, comfy office. It was important to me to lay claim to that square footage again and have it finally be all mine. That rug is from when I very very first moved in, a gift  from a friend for high school graduation. It's a really cool rug that we found on but it is black and Pouka is white/grey and fluffy... I vacuum a lot. 

When we first moved in one of the things that I insisted we put into all of the bedroom closets was organizers. Partly because before it was just a long bar and a high up long shelf. For one person to store their entire life in once space I wanted to offer them a bit more storage. I'm glad I did! Now I will have somewhere to put magazine holders on those shelves as well as baskets or other items.

I started painting the dated trim around the ceiling and along the doors. The awesome thing about a manufactored home is that everything seems to have a lovely layer of plastic over it.... challenging to paint. So after about 12 coats of semi gloss I am pretty sure it's covered well enough.

I wasn't really dressed to impress as I was working on the painting but Justin announced that he had to take a photo.

"For the blog."

I couldn't deny him. I love that he likes to help me with the blog! It's a lot of fun for both of us I think. (I also hadn't realized how long my hair had gotten. WOW.)

Check out the ceiling after it was freshened up! No longer dingy and dated! It makes the ceiling feel higher and the room feels like it has a lot more light. It's great! I did find a new light fixture. It's only a Wal-Mart special for 5.00 but it'll be better then the light bulbs!

I made a huge mess in the center of the room but I have all the stripes taped off! In the top photo on the left side of the window is the colors that will be going throughout. Since I sort of did the whole stripe painting thing backward I still have to finish the white color this weekend.

I think it already feels larger! I can't wait to get it all set up and decorated! Yay! Office!
Hope everyone is having a great 4th of July weekend and staying safe! 


  1. Try using a spirit level and painter's tape to create a straight line so the stripes won't look crooked. It'll be a pain to retouch it afterwards. I hope you show pictures of the office when it's done!

  2. I will definitely be posting some more updates on the office later this weekend/early next week! Thank you so much for checking it out! :)


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