Painting aka Increasing Property Value

T G I F!
Owning a manufactured home immediately brands me... think... trailer trash... ghetto... dumpy.... you just imagine a moldy old couch on a dilapidated porch and weird looking counters and cabinets and "wood grain" in the whole house. Well.... the cabinet part is right. The cabinets came with these great straps on the doors. The whole house was decked out in a New Mexican Western Flare. It had wallpaper o' ceramic pots, swinging saloon doors into the bathroom, and the ever presiding dusty rose laminate counter tops. Ahhh the romance! The intrigue! The lack of style and taste!

I won't deny it's pretty bad. I felt an instant connection to Toby Keith's song "Trailerhood"

But I like to think that I'm a little bit classier then that so I figured it would be best to start covering up some of those trailer specific things. The first place I started was in the hallway. Remember when I gave the tour of my house and I showed the fabulous 80's "wainscoting?"

Eckkkk. This stuff only came up a little bit above my knee and I'm 5'9" so that's being a little generous. It also was faded in spots and the previous owners had attempted a great patch job by sticking some wood grain patterned contact paper over it. Good idea I guess. It said trailer all over it though.  So we decided to splurge a little and add on some real bead board. 

Oh my! Sooo much better! In the weird little nook hallway that connects my office and extra bedroom I decided to just paint over the remaining wainscoting to save on the budget. We had plenty of leftover white paint but the beadboard was 20 dollars a sheet and the molding was an added cost too. Plus I like painting. I have a painting outfit. Seriously.

I even have the white painter's pants! Amazing! And that is also an excellent shot of my flooring! Which is a huge improvement from the original blue stuff. Huge. Drastically large really. This weekend I am hoping that I will be doing a little re-arranging. I always "nest" at the beginning of August in preparation for classes. Deep cleaning starts the semester on a good foot.

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