Porchin Pick Up

This summer I have been trying to work a lot on updating the outside of my house. The exterior is the first thing that people see and I want it to make a good impression. Also if I plan to sell within the next few years I have to make sure that my yard is up to par. The side yard of my house is a weird shape. It faces towards the street and has a honeysuckle bush that smells wonderful. Last summer my mom brought me this old park bench. It was sun-bleached and worn out. This is what it looked like before:

The wood of the seats was actually looking a little something like this:

I had some left over paint from another project that was Glidden "Brown Leather" I dunno how much it actually looks like brown leather... I thought it really looked a lot more like green goop but hey. It worked okay on the bench. I also used some of my Rustoleum Glimmer spray paint in dark brown and sprayed the metal that had taken on a greenish rusty look. For no money it doesn't look too bad. Here's how it turned out:

Not too shabby for a quick fix! It was a nice that it was a quick project because of my complexion I have a lot of trouble being outside for extended amounts of time. Natural redhead + sunshine= yyyyouuuuch. Not to worry! I have SPF 100+ and a long sleeve and long pants outfit that I wear to work on the yard. Even if it's hot it's better then skin cancer.
 Any other ideas for doing a fast yard update? 

Happy Wednesday! :)

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