Saturday, July 16, 2011

Putta Cork in it!

Justin and I love to drink wine together, it's kind of our thing. We like to go to the store and read the bottles of different types of wine and take home new ones every time. Justin tends to judge our choices by what is in the ingredients and I like to pick by which one has the prettiest bottle. Marketing at work right there. 
We also track the milestones in our relationship by different bottles of wine.We save the corks and I write the dates that we had it and keep it as a memento of sorts. A lot of times we'll dig through the corks and reminisce about the time and place of the beverage. 

Sadly they weren't looking too good in my blue plastic bowl. 

So Justin decided that we would need something just a little bit fancier, and he knows my love for vases. 
(At last count I had well over 57 displayed in the house. hehehe)
So he bought me this hurricane vase for all of our corks so far. He's soooo cuttteeee. I love him!

It certainly looked like we had a lot more corks in my little bowl but now it is very clear what the next thing we will have to do is buy more wine to fill up our wine rack so that we can have more corks to fill up our cork vase! I think I might want to kidnap my Mom's CriCut machine and maybe make some vinyl lettering to liven up the clear glass. But either way! It looks cute!

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday so far! 

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