ReDo Tuesday: Mirror with Many Faces

It's time for a little truth or dare.

Okay I always pick truth I don't wanna have to eat something bizarre or kiss the dog.

So the truth is... (deep dramatic breath HERE) 
I was maybe...
a little..........

emo in high school.

Phew! I finally got that off my chest! I've been burying that truth for years. But alas, acceptance is the first step right? Anyways. I have always loved my different art classes and the art projects that I do myself. Apparently when I was 17 I was having a self discovery identity crisis (the entire frame says "I am what I see" over and over) and the final project that I did for my Advanced Art class was this haunting visage...

Four pieces of tracing paper... one ebony pencil... and some bizarre green eyes. As I dug it out of the back of my closet I could swear it's ghostly. I guess I was a creepy child? 

I do love to draw portraits though such as this one that I did for my college Art 101 class. Yeah.... I got an "A"! Hehehe. 

But as much as I love and enjoy my portraits the mirror one was just too creepy. It wasn't ever going to adorn any wall in my house and confining it to the back of the closet seemed even creepier...instead of a ghost in the attic I was trapping one among my flip flops. So away went the face and onward came my sweet new chalkboard.

Well onward it came after several layers of white spray paint.. Sharpie is hard to cover.

Ta-Daaaa!! There may or may not have been some bugs that sacrificed their lives to the cause of the chalkboard.... oh well! It looks cute!

Does anyone have any advice on the skill that's needed to spray chalkboard paint evenly? I feel like mine got drippy... but then again that could be because I was hosing bugs down with it... oops! :)

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