Seashells and Art

I decided I ought to take a break from cleaning to make some cute and adorable art for my office! I am looking to buy my bookshelf this weekend so I want to be ready with some decorations to put on it. I love using different kinds of mediums in the art work that I have around the house. Since I'm trying for a chic-cottage-vintagey vibe in my office I thought that it would be fun to take an old book and then draw different sea inspired objects.

Viola! I got this book at the public library when they had a "discard" giveaway. It made me feel a little guilty to draw in it but it was a poorly written biography of Queen Elizabeth I so I decided that it was okay.

I tried to draw a star fish first and I just used a ball point pen and a brown colored pencil. Not too bad for my first attempt I guess...

I then taped the book page to a cool piece of scrap book paper to act as a mat and put it inside of a frame that I already had laying around. I must say that it turned out kinda cute and will make a great accessory for bookshelves! What is better on a shelf of books then art work made of books?

Nothing! That's exactly what I thought too. hehe.

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!

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