Thursday, July 21, 2011

Seeking: Comfy Loveseat Sleeper

I am decidedly on a mission. I am looking for either a loveseat sized sleeper sofa or some sort of alternative to a futon. I hate futons in all honesty because I think they look college-y and they are remarkably uncomfortable. I am looking for something to fit into the office. It would have to sit below the window area.... hmmm.... Remember how little the space is?

Sorry about the dark picture, dang camera. Anyways. The max that I can fit in there comfortably length wise is about 6 feet. I've spent a ton of time on the internet the last few days researching a good sleeper. I keep finding sofas! They look great and make me want to replace my living room furniture but... nothing that quite fits the bill. Either it's too big, too expensive, or just doesn't have a sleeper in it which kinda defeats the purpose of the whole hunt anyways.

I have noticed recently that JCPenney actually has some pretty decent furniture but the shipping is insane! But lucky me my little sister works there! Score! Possible discount!This guy is CUTE! And I love the color! It's 599.99 but my sister gets a 15% discount plus there's the option of opening a JCP card and saving another 10%.... hmmm I could get this guy for under 500.00! Which would be a good investment at that point I think. Plus he folds into a twin sized sleeper bed. Which would work perfectly! I think I'm going to check for any coupons and verify with my sister that I can use her discount but! I really reallllyyy like it! Check out the specs here.

What do you guys think? Does it sound like a good deal or is there a better site I should check out? 

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