Showcase Sunday: Cabinet Updates

My cabinets are ugly. Yes. I will admit it. They are some weird orange toned veneer covering particle board.. . Don't be fooled what you see below is not wood.... It doesn't even look like wood really does it? Alas. What do you do when you're cabinets are homely but your budget says "N.O." to getting to cabinetry? Well....  I say paint em!

I decided to use some semi-gloss on the cabinets in order to make them a little bit more water resistant, especially in the small and cramped bathroom. I went with a darker charcoal sort of color as well so that way it would cover up the wood grain and hopefully look a little more sophisticated.

We had to sand down the cabinets as much as possible in order for the paint to take with the particle board but it ended up looking really good! We removed the previous straps that were on the cabinet and patched in the holes with paintable caulk. Looks pretty great after we added some new handles. Aside from the office this is perhaps one of the most finished rooms in the entire house! Love it. 

Anybody have any good ideas on how else to update bathrooms? I still have an entire master bathroom that's in need of a face lift. 


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  2. I really love the color that you chose and that you were not afraid to paint veneer. I am painting my oak kitchen cabinets right now, and it is a lot of work.

  3. Kudo's to you! I painted some kitchen cabinets. Once. I swore off them. ;) I get tempted a lot, but it was such a job! Love the color you chose.

    I'd love to see the rest of your bathroom. As far as updating, a new light fixture and faucet usually gives you lots of bank for your buck. Oh, and a framed mirror. Have fun & good luck!

    Dropping by from Addicted2Decorating

  4. Well done for taking the plunge and painting your cupboards. I love freshly painted furniture, gives that clean feel, at a fraction of the price of new furniture.


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