Showcase Sunday: Office Updates!

Previously you saw my post about the stripes in the office perhaps you noticed that there was no art or photos or.. anything but stripes on the wall and that the desk looked a right mess? Well I have a serious surprise for you!

The desk is still a mess!

hehe. Okay just kidding but! I do finally have some decorations on the walls. What's great about the decor is that it's all by my friend Stephanie with Stephotography! Remember how I posted all of those great photos that she did of Justin and I? Well I finally got them printed up and am starting to frame them! Ahhh we are sooo cute!!

I bought one similar to this in an 11"x14" it's big! I love it. :) 
I hung it right as you come into the office so that every time I have to go in there to work on homework or something like that the first thing I will see is our photo. 

Pouka loves to sit in the window and watch the kids at the park. Its cute that she just perches there whenever I am in the room. See those curtains? I definitely bought those brand new at Salvation Army for 12.00 (holla!) That chair is currently sitting where I will put a tall 6 shelf bookshelf, probably a white Wal-Mart one with some personalizing. Gotta stay on the cheap you know. I got rid of the black rug because it smelled weird... I am not sure why or that I even want to know why... and I felt like it made the room feel dark and mismatched. This is the rug that my parents got for me from IKEA in SLC, Utah and it definitely fits better in the space.

This one turned out kind of dark but you can see just to the left where I put the collage frame that my good friend got for me for Christmas last year. I filled it with the family photos that we took with Stephanie last summer. I like it!

But alas... the desk is still chaotic... I'm waiting for Justin and I to have a chance to hand up my shelves from my bedroom as well as the shelves that I found super cheap at Goodwill. That way I can get my jars of pens and paper clips off the desk surface and onto a shelf out of the way Also above the monitor I think I am going to put a cool memo chalk board. Ahhh so many projects! 

One step at a time it is becoming more and more perfect as an office space. Yay! I have about a month and a half before classes start again so that is my deadline for completion of these big projects!

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PS: I would love your feedback on what to do next, so feel free to follow! It's my first real office and I would love more ideas! 

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