Friday, July 8, 2011

Thrifty Friday!

The weather has been very bizarre here today. Within the last 24 hours it has been thunder and lightning filled skies to sunshine and breezes and then back to thunder and lightning and heavy rain. Well that's Colorado for you I suppose! It was definitely a fun day! My Mom is a coupon master and tends to find a lot of things for free. She also has the tendency to find me some great deals. Such as this frame that we found at Michael's for only 18.00! 

Just in time to give my parent's their 16"x20" family portrait for their 23rd wedding anniversary.


I also managed to acquire a number of DIY projects! 

Like this fellow here...
He was only 1.00 and I think with a little spray primer and some creativity in terms of a pattern he could become really cute as a laptop stand in my living room! I think it would be amazinggg! Plus the ottoman is a weird height to try to work a laptop office. Hellooo portable blogging office. 

I also came across this very cool antique at Goodwill for 12.99 (my biggest purchase at Goodwill ever) The leather is so old it is literally cracked... Is that not AMAZING? My Dad didn't see why that was cool as it wouldn't be functional but I thought it was adorable and it's the perfect size to store extra frames etc in.

Phew! I am worn out! I'll definitely be back tomorrow with an update on my office progress as well as some DIY projects... uhmmm maybe... a mirror turned chalkboard? Who knows!

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