Whooo loves decorating!

I recently checked out the new Salvation Army here in town and I came across a great little piece! A ceramic owl! Awwww I thought that he would be a great touch for my bookshelf in the office because well... It's an owl! He was only .49 cents too. Cheap lil fellow. He was hand painted before I acquired him which was cute but he sort of had a creepy vibe...

Now after a little bit of white spray paint he is a clean and classic little owl who is cute and adorable.

He fits in well with his new surroundings on the new office bookshelf. He is so happy now!

Gotta love random little knick knacks! Hope everyone is ready for the start of another week. I'm hoping I can get to feeling better the next few days so I can get back to my projects. :)

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  1. I found your blog because I bought some tacky owls at salvation army to spray paint today...lol


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