2"x4" Laundry Sign

I've been seeing a lot of cool homemade vintage inspired signs around blogland lately and I must confess I have absolutely fallen in love with them. So after Justin and I made  the laundry room counter and shelf we had some extra wood left over. I decided that since it was too small to use for much else, I would go ahead and try to make my own vintage sign! First one ever. I'm pretty good with paint and canvas like the Ballard Design lemons that I painted before but wood was an all new medium I hadn't ventured into yet.

This is my piece o' wood. He's very handsome.

I painted piece o'wood with semi-gloss. White of course. 

Welllll it turned out okay I suppose. I tried to make it look aged and I think it sort of ended up looking dirty but I think it's kind of cute. It was a 0 investment project so it wasn't like I lost anything. It's always good to have some trial and error crafty projects I think.... right?

Just wait until tomorrow when I show you the latest mess that we've made at my house... let's just say that my next project will definitely be the master bathroom.... who wants to come help paint????!

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