A Bicycle Built for Twooooo!

One great thing about living in Colorado is the beautiful scenery, perfect for biking, hiking, camping, fishing, and all other sorts of outdoor verbs. It's fantastic and I love it. (i also love sunscreen. Just saying.) One thing that Justin really enjoys is extreme mountain biking. He has a great group of friends that he joins on awesome excursions. They even get to have outfits! That is probably the most important part of the whole deal. Anyways. 

I wanted to put something in the house that attributed a bit more to his love of bicycles and my love of vintage and cozy pieces. But I have to do it on the cheap. Especially now that I will have to have surgery on my ovary it's important to stay cheap. I wish I lived in a land of free healthcare some days. But moving forward, I had this idea to make my own vintage pictures!

First! I had to do a little Google-ing. I also figured out how to take a screen shot. I am becoming such a savvy blogger these days.

I searched for tandem bicycle clip art so that way it would pop up with black and white photos that would be easy to run through the printer and not get to crazy weird in the process. 

Second! I picked out a few that I actually liked, because that is kind of important in the whole creation process.

There was a lot of them to chose from so I decided to broaden my search to a few other bike types as well. I went with vintage, bone shaker, and 1920s bike just for ideas on what Google would turn up.

Third! I bought these cheap frames that already had mats in them from WalMart (because I don't have an IKEA. Depressed moment. Ok. Recovered) they were only $3.00 a piece. I used some brown stamp pads that I had from when my Mom cleaned out her craft room so that I could give them an "aged" look. Sort of like they had been in a magazine for a long time. 

I really liked how they turned out! I thought they looked great and were a lot of fun to make. Plus Justin appreciated the nod to his passion and not just mine. He's such a lovely fellow. Now all I need to do is get the new shelves hooked up in the office so I can figure out where I want to put things. Sadly the whole office has only the same two things on the walls. Boring. 

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