Sunday, August 28, 2011


I am sooo incredibly excited!! My chair finally came in! If you follow me on FB then you already know that the chair that I have been waiting for from JCPenney has finally arrived! And it was everything that I had dreamed it would be! Originally I started shopping for this chair way back in July. I knew that I needed some kind of guest bedroom but since I have a roommate that wasn't really an option. So what is a good compromise?

A sleeper sofa!

But alas a sleeper sofa wasn't going to work in the living room so I decided I would see if there was any loveseats. I figured I could fit a loveseat in the office so that I would have a comfy reading area but yet still be able to have a sleeper bed if someone were to stay over for a few nights.

It is very hard to find a decently priced loveseat and I despaired I would never find one that worked for me until! I found this guy:
He was everything that I had ever been looking for! Plus he was relatively inexpensive. Online at he was listed for about 599.99 Of course my frugal self certainly did not pay that much for him. My sister (luckily) works at JCP so I decided to go into the store to see what other discounts or promos would be available. With the JCPenney cardholder discount (20%) plus my little sister's employee discount (20%) plus a $50.00 shipping deal that I found online at the time I bought this chair after tax, shipping, wham bam a whole:

$400.00 big ones!

That's $200.00 off the original before tax price! It was a smoking good deal for a chair and a bed all at once! I'm soooo excited! Who wants to come over for a slumber party now?

Check him out in action! Of course the office is still a bit of a mess... the vacuum broke and it is terribly uncomfortable to try to use a shop-vac to clean all of the rugs. Plus the semester just started so some of my projects from the summer ended up getting mushed into this tiny space. It's all a work in progress really.

Oh he's so handsome! And very very soft too! I'm not sure that I'm totally digging the fabric that's on the pillows. Those may be a future recovering project... (ahem aka future blog post). The chair itself is a micro-suede which so far the cats have left alone. That could also be because I've hosed it down in "Scratch Not Training Spray" they don't like that stuff much.

Here's the bed all pulled out:

It's a smaller twin sized bed but it will work really great for one person at least! So possibly someone may still end up on the couch... sorry about it friends. 

I know that it was a bit of a splurge to get this fellow but I think it will definitely be worth it. I plan on being in this particular house for a few more years at least so I really like how it turned out. It's nice to have the extra space. And who knows maybe during finals week it is where I will end up sleeping. I think all that I will need is a mini fridge and I will be set.

So tell me what you think of my purchase? Any tips for keeping cats off of furniture?

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  1. I love it! And I think you got a great deal! I’m always willing to splurge on a piece that I love and know will last for years. And I refuse to buy used beds, so a sleeper sofa is something I’d definitely splurge on!


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