Dad Fixes Wall Damaged by Sir Plumber!

So Sir Plumber put a huge hole into the wall in my bathroom that wasn't so great. Remember how it used to look? Oh yes. It was totally beautiful great for ventilation and the like. It looked pretty much terrible. So with some help from my trusty assistant! (aka Dad) We were able to replace that whole section with new drywall so that I could repaint the entire bathroom! Yayy! School starts in 2 weeks so of course I need one more huge painting project! The bathroom is mostly painting no major construction like in the laundry room.

Here is the new frame that Dad constructed to hold the shower piping in place so the shower head wasn't just lopping around behind the wall and making a raucous and a mess.

It works much better! It is also a lot sturdier, which makes Dad happy since we are closing up the wall. Fingers crossed we won't have to return there again.

Hello Dad! Oh he just looks so pleased to be forcing that piece of drywall into such a small narrow space! Yay Dad! Yay! Luckily that particular project is nothing compared the many feats that we have accomplished around my humble little abode!

Keep an eye out as I post step by step how I'll be redoing the master bath with a tight budget! I'm thinking around $300. Paint. Paint. More paint. And some accessories. Shouldn't be too bad! ....

I hope. :)

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