Dog Days of Summer...

I love decorating my house and being able to entertain friends and family. What's good decor without people that will appreciate it? Over the last week my aunt and uncle have come to visit from St Louis, Missouri. I haven't seen them in several years! It was very exciting. On Saturday I was able to have everyone over for a fun barbecue. Almost everyone asked me about my patio set that I got from a friend for free! 
Sometimes it definitely pays to repurpose rejects from friends and family. 

I added this cute little hanger thingy that my mom got me for my birthday. It was red and black but I painted it white. I heart spray paint. I blurred out my address but you can see where I upgraded the address plate so it wasn't just numbers tacked onto the side of the house.

I love all the space from the new steps! We comfortably had 10-11 people gathered outside. At least at my house there is never a lose for seating. 

My decorations for the side tables! .75 cent placemat from the ole WallyWorld, citronella candle in a bucket, and the fake daisies (I struggle with growing outdoors stuff) and lantern is from the HomeGoods store in Denver, CO. Later on we put candles in the lanterns and it was great!

My absolutely adorable Mom-made pillows! We used a outdoor tablecloth from Target and managed it split it into about 6 pillows. Great right? Love Mom-made.

The seating area on the concrete worked out great! I'm watching sales to find a great outdoor rug for that area to cover up the nastiness of the concrete but its going to have to be a super great deal. Like my free grill too?? Basically the only thing that I bought outside was the pillows and table accessories. All for under $30! The spray paint for the chairs was probably about $25.00 total. That was a lot of spray paint... eek.

Check out the porch in use! Hello Justin!

Mom looking good with her new haircut!

Everyone was gathered around the "L" shaped bar counter. There are 4 barstools around there so it works out really.

Dad was doing a great job working the grill! I think he really liked the free grill. I scrubbed it down for him all nice :)

I'm a little sad that it's the end of the summer but alas it is 7 days until class starts! Yayy!! I'm so excited! Hope everyone else is enjoying these last days of summer and August.

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