Saturday, August 20, 2011

Faux Fail

Recently the idea struck me that I should make faux Roman shades for the itty bitty kitchen window. 
The window is 29"x36" it's very very small. The concept was great and so was my application... but I'm going to need to revamp the actual shade itself... I'm not sure I'm in love.

I started out with buying a pack of insulated solar panels, 4 tension rods, and I used an old panel that I had so I wouldn't have to buy any fabric. Essentially the project was under $20.00 but I'm just not sure. 

This is the view before:

My neighbors house looks terrible.... It's not something that I wanna see when I'm walking by or doing dishes. We are trying to rescue that little lavender plant... I don't know that it is working though. Poor buddy. It's a little bit better with the blinds down... 

So I wandered off to WalMart, one of my favorite places and bought iron hemming tape (amazing stuff!!!) tension rods, and straight pins. 

Justin is out of town this weekend so I decided to camp out on the living room floor and watch movies while I worked on this particular project. I think it really had the potential to be cool but I made this valance thingy. (Which I swear looked SUPER cute on the floor)

Maybe I just need to tweak the bumpems or something but it just doesn't look quite right. I think it's a little wide on the sides which is relatively easy to remedy but does it look cheap? I wonder if I pull the first bump up under my fake "valance" it would look better.... It was a shot in the dark but insulating it with the black out panel has made a huge difference already. It's not as hot and that's good because it will help drop my energy bill.

(Pardon the dirty dishes) 

What do you guys think? Should I try to mess with it and get it to where it fits better? Or should I just go back to my bamboo or "stick shade" option? 

Is it a faux fail or a faux keep?

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  1. I think it's cute, I really like the green fabric that you used for the valance.

    If you do decide you want to switch it up, there's a great tutorial for making no sew roman shades - that are actually functional! You can use the blinds that you had there previously (assuming you aren't using them elsewhere).

    The link I've left for my blog will take you to my results from using the mentioned tutorial.


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