Got My Drawers On...

Phew! I don't know if anyone noticed but I've been trying to update my blog layout and decor for the last few days and I was pretttyyy close to chucking it out the window. Thankfully I do have some great friends who know what they are up to so far as HTML goes and they showed me what to do as far as getting it all reworked.

Basically I had to reset everything but my gadgets.


That's a lot.

But! I think it is looking a lot better and really is starting to reflect me! But anyways.

I have made more progress in the master bathroom! I have 5 of 6 drawers installed! Yayy!

Lucy of course was on hand to offer her superb assistance. (I think my cat looks like an otter kinda...) 

I have the drawers in! I'm so glad! It was a pain to wander around the bedroom trying to figure out the clever place that I had hidden my toothbrush and then spend another 10 minutes trying to find the tooth paste itself. 

This picture is a little weird, maybe its my 10.1 megapixel camera or maybe its the lighting, either way it makes the cabinets look green. They're not though they are a grey-brown sort of color. It will look a lot better once I finish my walls. 

It was wayyyyyy more budget friendly to reuse the existing cabinets and drawers in this case but check out how banged up one of the bottom drawers gets... eek. I even busted out the sander for that one. And I hate strongly detest sanding but it only evened it out kinda. Oh well. I put it back on the bottom and from a distance you can't even tell!

See? No major difference really. I figure if someone is laying close enough that they can actually see the difference between the smooth drawers on top and the not smooth drawers on the bottom... I will probably have other things to worry about. And besides, they're the ones on the floor. Please avoid eye contact with my jumbo pack of TP heheh.

Because of where I had the drawers for the cabinets poor Justin tripped on this guy and the staples from the side of him popped out. Poor drawer... Justin made it out okay too. Good thing I have plenty of wood glue so that we can fix this guy up all nicely.

My bedroom has become a terrifying and horrible place to be. The cats won't even stay in there for long periods of time because the mess is so stressful to them... poor things. I have 3 days before semester starts to get that cleared out and the bathroom set back up so it wouldn't be so disasterous and hopefully prevent me from having to try to do my hair out of the laundry basket...

Laundry basket: Good for dirty clothes or even clean clothes. Bad for hairspray organization.

Does anyone else's house get all kinds of crazy dirty when they are remodeling a single tiny room in the house? Or is that just me?

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