An Honest to Goodness Beforeness...

I do believe it is best to maintain a firm sense of honesty between myself and my viewers. During the whole renovating... redoing... re-ing process that take place around my abode there is a great deal of disorganization.. There is clutter. There is disaster all around. Check out my bathroom in all it's glory...

Ahh messy counters because I had to take everything out of the cabinets... drawers left open because....I'm lazy.. towels... hair supplies... all over.

This side is even better... I have a medicine cabinet and a big mirror that I painted awhile back. I have paint cans... and Victoria's Secret bags just running amuck.

However the potty closet isn't looking too bad. Not much I can mess up in there. I will be replacing the current towel holder with 4 cute individual hooks that I picked up at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago for 1.50 a piece. They are cute! Just have to spray paint them with protective gloss.

The big joke in my house is the RELAX vinyl decal that I put on the shower door. You can read it when you are sitting down... In my own defense I just wanted everyone to feel comfortable.

I have a little over the potty thing for extra storage of towels, TP, and of course some vases and other decorations. (Advantage to being tall is taking aerial shots. hehe)

This is the paint that I bought to fix up the bathroom! The little one is the dark brown for the two vanities... the tall gallon size ones are white and then the Martha Steward "Dolphin" grey color for the walls. It's going to be a lot of painting! But I think the colors will work much better with the tile floors that we put in.

I sort of already started the project by spray painting all of the handles in the bathroom. I think that too save on the budget I will just go ahead and reuse them. They didn't turn out too bad with the paint and they are in pretty good shape as well. Yay for being budget friendly. Also this is a close up of the horrific red stripe across the front of the counters. I dunno who thought of that. But I certainly don't like it very much.

OH! And at WalMart I found this cool hammered chrome lamp bases! For only $15.00 a piece! Pretty good deal! I just need to find lamp shades.... I figured they would be a fun addition to my bedroom revamp project that I will be working on throughout the semester. I may be packed with full time class and full time job but I will still squeeze in a little time for my love affair with renovation and DIY decorating. 

Hope everyone is ready for the wild master bathroom ride that we are going to be going on! Whooo! Hopefully I can employ some friends on this one its a bit of a bigger project... least I already have experience with painting veneer cabinets. 

Any other ideas on bathroom upgrades? I have to figure out what to do with those bathroom light fixtures... They are rather uh-hem... unattractive. 

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