Let There Be Energy Star Light!

One of the main things that I was looking at when I was planning the master bathroom reno was the light fixtures. I updated all of the light fixtures in the guest bathroom {here} and it looked roughly 100x better then before. I wanted to do the same thing in the master bathroom especially since the light fixtures were a little Hollywood horror-ish:

Yeah that's not very pretty I don't think... every time I open one of those bi-fold mirrors I have to move the light bulb around so that it doesn't get broken which only makes it harder to access my impressive collection of sunglasses.

I was just going to spray paint the brass strips and fix the creepy hangy light UNTIL! I went to Lowe's and found a smoking, finger burning, pee your pants its so amazing deal on two matching light fixtures for only $12.05. I had to have them! I literally save $160.00 on both of em because they were originally 95.00 a piece! 

I took a picture of the tag for proof! See?

 The best part about it is that they are both EnergyStar rated and look gorgeous! So it was time to take down the old so the new could go in. This is the monstrosity that I found behind the scary light bulbs.

Hold your breathe it only gets worse, check out the previous owner's "adaptations" for the old set up. I am concerned about what the people before did to the house... there was some seriously strange rigging going on.

I had to wait until Justin got home so that he could fix the lights for me, originally I had it assembled, hung up, gorgeous, cute, and otherwise amazing when much to my dismay I realized that I had not anchored the fixture. As I was reaching to take a glorious photo for the blog here the entire thing tipped out of the wall. 

I may or may not have sworn at it for several moments.

I'd prefer not to say.

But! After Justin demonstrated his fantastic DIY electrical skills we assembled the light again (correctly this time) and have the whole thing up and running! The lighting is much better for putting on make up and it looks so much better too! 

I'm painting the doors today and tomorrow don't be concerned. I swear they really will eventually be painted.

Let's check out the list of To-Do's in the Master Bath again:
  • paint ceiling and trim
  • paint trim around doors
  • paint towel cabinet white
  • paint vanity cabinets dark brown
  • paint walls grey
  • paint mirror frames
  • create new wall art for above tub
  • add new towel hooks/bars
  • clean up over the potty thing
  • remove foreclosure stickers
  • new accessories
  • DEEP clean and organize
  • line all shelves and drawers
  • figure out new light fixtures (paint the brass ones? invest in new vanity lights??)
  • remove useless doors and replace with luxurious curtains
  • create new window treatment

Good progress so far I think! Almost done with everything! I have 6 of the 8 total walls painted in the bathroom! The only ones that I haven't done are the ones that need the major patching done but otherwise the rest are pretty much ready to go. Exciting!

What do you think of the new lighting set up? Major improvement?

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  1. Definitely a major improvement! And an awesome deal! My bathrooms had those same “before” lights too…they were one of the first things to go!

    P.S. Thanks for pointing out it’s Mod Podge, not Modge Podge! I don’t where I got Modge from, but I’m glad I could fix it before everyone saw it!


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