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When we first moved into the house the wall was a rather attractive wallpaper which we then covered with Toasted Coconut semigloss paint. But the whole lighting set up... wasn't working out. As you can see it was kinda scary. Like some sort of Hollywood Hotel that was rundown and might have bugs under the blankies. Ew.Bugs. It certainly needed to be replaced. 

Have I ever  mentioned that I love WalMart? Well. I do. I found this GREAT light fixture there for only 17.00!! It was a pretty good find for the type that I was looking for. Plus it covered over the gigantor hole from the previous owner's Hollywood light. Justin and I spent a lot of time wrestling it into place but it definitely gave the room a very updated look. Bye Bye Bronze.

This is what the area looks like now! (I have a thing for white and yellow. I also have a thing for flowers. Though you probably noticed that already.)
The blue isn't exactly what we were going for... the color matching was a bit... a lot... off. But it still doesn't look too bad! In fact it looks a lot better! 

Lets see it again side by side:

So tell me! How do you feel about it now? 

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  1. Love the new light fixture! Walmart you say? I might have to hunt one down for *our* bathroom!
    Great job with the updates to this room. It's very spa-like now!
    Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont


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