Sunday, August 7, 2011

Looking to leave the West via Kitchen...

I would like to introduce you to Kitchen. Kitchen is the most popular place in the entire house, every time there's a party everyone is gathered in front of the sink or around the little "L" shaped bar on the side. Though galley styles aren't my favorite kitchen layout this one still has the sink, stove, and fridge in a triangle shape so it has decent flow to it. Comfortably we've fit 3 or 4 cooks in there at a time. 

But taking a closer look you can see where we have already upgraded the flooring to 12"x12" tiles... (which looks much better then the bizarre carpeting originally) and really makes the space larger. You can also see that I've upgraded the laundry room. If you missed that whole adventure check it out here. Now it looks like this:

I don't know about you but I can feel myself wanting to gravitate towards the laundry room because it looks SOOO much cleaner and fresh compared to the kitchen. Not that my kitchen is horribly messy or anything it's just... dark... and the wood is cheap and looks dirty.... 
So I was playing with Polyvore again and came up with an idea board for the kitchen as well. I have seen some great blogs around lately where they actually just painted the laminate counters! One can of Rustoleum counter painty stuff is only $20 where as replacing the counters is up over $400. 
That's a huge difference! And important to keep in mind too since I am trying to make sure I'm not over renovating for the market
kitchen reno inspiration

I heart! But anyways I am wanting to paint all of the   cabinets white and maybe put some type of framing on them to make them look like they might be real wood. Plus white fits in with all of the beadboard and the laundry room. Yay!

The appliances are going to just stay white, I don't see any reason to upgrade them to stainless steel at this point in the game. They all still work and have all been manufactured in the last 6 years. So those are okay, plus they match..

In the window I have tried numerous different attempts to find the right window treatment. I finally decided that I'm going to just put bamboo blinds in there. I've seen them at WalMart, Home Depot,  and Lowe's rather inexpensively.

List of Kitchen To-Dos:
  • Paint cabinets white with frames
  • Create cabinet over fridge into cookbook hideout/open shelving
  • update knobs
  • new faucet
  • bamboo blinds for window
  • paint counter tops (dark)
  • replace over sink light with a cute pendant light
  • spray paint and update barstools
It all seems pretty easy and do-able.... but that looks like a lot of painting! Oh well I think it will be worth it especially if I can get a little bit closer to my dream kitchen! Does anyone have any ideas on what to do with the lighting on the ceiling? The skylight is great but those school cafeteria things are hideous... plus only one of them works. 

Happy Sunday!

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