Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Magical Openings

This whole bathroom renovation really seems as though it was like opening up a can of moldy and icky worms. Why? Because we keep finding hideous holes running amuck in the bathroom. First one we found was this:

This guy was residing behind the gigantor Little Mermaid poster.

And then we found this catastrophe behind the brassy light fixture from the original photo above. Awesome sauce. I love faulty electrical things and huge holes and such.

But wait!! It gets BIGGER! Remember in the before picture above where there was that odd looking mirror on the right side? It was strange. You could really only use half of it for putting on make up in the morning because the light was perfect, but the half that was resting above the counter was sorta-kinda-mostly useless. 

When we went to remove it we found that the previous owners, after a failed attempt to GLUE the mirror to the drywall instead had the dumb brilliant interesting notion that they should CUT a hole in the drywall and stuff the mirror in the the bottom mirror. And then! What they did was nailed up random pieces of trim with decorative nails. 

They did all of this only after cutting huge chunks out of the supporting beams in the wall.

Brilliance at it's best I tell you. We are sort of at an impasse we just don't know if we should attempt to replace the drywall in that area or say "screw it" and just put the mirror back up and pretend it was all a bad dream... I'm not sure we can do that in good conscience though....

For now I shall have to prolong my dreams of finally being able to hang up my cool mirror:

It will have to remain in its resting place stuffed behind a dresser until Justin and I figure out some sort of solution. Note to homeowners: please do not cut random holes in walls. Homebuyers no likey holes.

On the plus side though! We did get some of the other patching around the house done! Justin took of the tell tale "trailer strips" and is working on patching over those to create a nice smooth wall. After which we will paint some more and hopefully soon be free of drywall dust, spackle dust, and move forward in our bathroom completion.

One can only hope! I guess that's why they say bathrooms sell houses... because they are hard to redo!

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  1. UGH! I cannot believe they did that! That’d drive me crazy, so I’d have to replace the drywall. But that’s going to be so much more work (and money). Stupid previous owners!


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