The Many Faces of Cabinet

My master bathroom has undergone so many changes in the last three weeks it's practically not even the same place anymore. When I first moved in I was 18 and perhaps still little immature and under developed in my design and style preferences. I knew that I wanted a beach theme when I moved in but I did it a bit too literally.

I had jars full of seashells, seashell lanterns, "Finding Nemo" and Little Mermaid framed art, and a whole lotta turquoise everywhere. Don't get me wrong I still love turquoise but it was very obvious what I was going for. I think it's okay to start out that way though so that way you really recognize your own growth and change over time.

The cabinets were that awful orangey wood toned veneer and all of the fixtures and handles were brass. Whoo. Brassy.

A few years later you can see that not much had changed (except that it got a lot messier and the Mermaid posters got bigger). Still the same striped ceiling, veneer cabinets, and sand colored walls. 

I decided to just go ahead and take the plunge to turn the space into something that I really enjoyed and loved . I mean it is all mine right?

So I used some BHG semigloss paint from WalMart to paint the cabinets because it would have been too expensive to replace them. I love the power of paint. If anyone is wondering as far as painting manufactured home cabinets goes, it is best to spend a little more money on a semi-gloss that is a better brand. I've found that BHG is a good midgrade. The reason why you want to do that is because even after you sand down the doors and cabinets the paint doesn't absorb very well so you have to have something that's a little thicker. Also if you have to cover over fake wood grain a darker color works much much better. Even though I love white cabinets it's very hard to make it look good with the materials that are used for the cabinets in manufactured homes. Colorplace from WalMart is not a good selection.

I painted the existing hardware with Hammered spray paint so that it would be silver like the light fixtures. Also it looks really great against the newly dark cabinets.

Here's a picture that shows the changes from top to bottom:

 New light, new handles, new paint, newly painted trim on one mirror. (The other mirror we will be making a new frame for. The existing one is horribly done and definitely not worth attempting to save.)

Here is a sneak peek of the new wall color with the cabinets! Looks great doesn't it? That little shelf with the bowls will be going up on the wall and the bowls will hold my earrings and other bits and pieces.

Here's another glimpse at the difference:

Getting so much closer to being done! Yay! I can't wait to do a full reveal with all of the new upgrades and improvements that have been going on around here! 


  1. Looks great. If you get a chance I would love you to link your vanity up to More the Merrier Monday.

  2. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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