Map to My Heart

My office needs some serious sprucing up. Everything is looking pretty shabby after the addition of my fantastic chair {here}. I've been perusing around blogland lately and have seen some really great things going on with maps. I like maps. I remember my dad trying to teach us how to read maps as kids when we would be making the long drive from Colorado to South Dakota. 
My parents recently went on an adventurous trip to Texas to see some of our family members and I snagged their Texas map for some cool DIY ideas I've been thinking up. 
(Sorry Dad!)

First thing I did was sprawl the whole map out to see what the best areas were:

Thankfully Texas is so big... offered lots of different angles for the next step.

I traced out a heart on white computer paper and then picked a location on my map that I would want to make all hearty.

I traced out my heart with a pen... 

And then I did it again! For a total of three times. I had this extra piece of posterboard left from one of Justin's projects before and thought it would be a good backdrop. But I find that it was looking a little sparse...

So using some scrapbook paper that I already in my office I decided to back the hearts and make some mats for them.  Ahhh much much better I think.

After I lined up the hearts and spaced the mats evenly I Mod Podge'd em to the posterboard so that they wouldn't blow off under the breeze from the air conditioner. We use swamp coolers where I am at. 

I would love to frame it out with a white or black frame... sadly I don't have an IKEA nearby otherwise I would be there tomorrow hunting down some great frames! I am thinking a road trip is in order very soon though because I'm starting to get an itch to redo the master bedroom....


I have to finish master bath and office first. Yes. Projects have to be finished.

Right now the boards held up with thumbtacks but I think it's a really fun and unique addition to my office! I like it a lot I think! Yay for great map projects! 

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