Monday, August 22, 2011

Master Bath Updates!

Yay!! It is the first day of school! I hope everyone is as excited as I am! 
Senior in college! Yayy!

I had an impressively busy weekend. Justin went up for his promotion to a second degree black belt in karate, which meant an hour and a half trek into the mountains to the retreat that he was at to watch. It was great! I'm very proud of him for working so hard at it! I also managed to get several little projects for the big master bathroom project.

One of the things that I wanted to do was update the towel rack for the potty closet area. There wasn't anything wrong with the one that I had before it was just very nondescript and worn out. 

So I went to Hobby Lobby (love that store) and found some individual hooks that were really cute! They are metal and I bought four of em at 1.50 a piece. I accidentally dropped one and broke the hook off though... poor little towel hangy.

So I took that wood towel rack down and found something lovely behind it:

Wallpaper! In an entirely different color and texture! Yayyy!! I wasn't around for the painting of the master bathroom so I believe my boyfriend at the time was probably cheating and painting around things. I encountered a similiar problem behind the TP holder.... hmmm... But I just put about 6 extra coats of paint over it so that I could hang up my cute towel guys.

These towel holders didn't come with a protective gloss over them and they left a brownish residue on everything. Definitely don't want that running all over the new paint. So with some assistance from Dr Krylon himself....

We made them shiney and protected from the humidity of the bathroom! Plus it keeps it from putting marks on my bath towels.

I'm almost finished with the entire potty closet so I will update you as soon as I get that finished up! I'm excited! It's really starting to come together! 
Happy Monday everybody!

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