Oh Sheet!

Sorry friends... I am a little late on my DIY Friday feature.... I had good reason though! I shall show you very very soon. But anyways... back to the point here.. It's a Saturday version of...

When I picked up all of patio furniture that I featured fixed up all pretty (here) from my friend Stephanie she also had this old wingback chair that she wasn't too fond of and told me I could have. For free! Yeah that was a pretty good day for me I won't deny. 9 piece patio set and a classic wingback? Whooo! Just required delivery and a little DIY. 

Check out the chair that she gave me:

Ahhh the refreshing beauty of 1990s tiny floral print... mmmmm beautiful. Sadly that scarcely masked beauty doesn't really blend into my color scheme. It classes with my lime green and turquoise colors. What to do?

Get it reupholstered! I want it to look something like this:

Wow. Pretty. I love it! But upholstering that chair would be somewhere around ohhhh $250.00. That's a lot of groceries... and jeans.... and paint.... so alas. Reupholstering is out. But what else can I do? The floral wasn't working out for me. I didn't like it!

I decided to get a little resourceful.... I'm talking seeing what is laying around the house resources. What can I find in the cabinet for FREE? 

A SHEET! seriously. Like a bed sheet. Top sheet of course. Fitted didn't work as well. With a little wrestling and swearing, a whole bunch of T-pins and upholstery tacks, it finally looks a little something like this:

The blanket is convenietly draped to cover some of the spots where the T-pins stick out or that shows the folds and a big pillow that my Mom made anchors the whole deal down to the chair and keeps the cats from trying to hang off the back of the chair. 

Here's a close up of the tacks that I used. they hold the sheet onto the arms which makes it look a little classier and less... sheet-y.

I'm still trying to work out how to fix the sides on the chair. I like how it looks white and I would prefer to find a slip cover that would fit it a bit better then the sheet but I haven't found a good white one in my area, and they are expensive online! I'll keep my eyes peeled for a good one but until then... I'm sticking with the sheet.

Not too shabby for free ey? Does anyone know where I can find some great slip covers at a decent price? 

Have an excellent weekend!

PS: School starts in one week! Hello Senior year! 2 semesters til teaching career begins! Yay!
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