For starters I must begin with a confession.
I'm addicted to decorating....

and DIY...

and makeup...

and pink Essie nail polishes.

I blame the last two on the fact that I used to work at Ulta Cosmetics for about a year. I will have to show you one day but this vanity here: 

All three of those drawers are full of Smashbox, BareEscentuals, Ulta, Nars, and Sephora makeup products and brushes. Oops. Advantage to being unmarried! I get the WHOLE bathroom! MWAHAHAHA!! Just kidding. I share the sink with Justin. I think it is very generous of me really. 

In the big vanity though there was an entire drawer dedicated to my nail goods. I love doing my own nails because I like to change em out when the mood strikes. Plus I have EVERYTHING that I would need to get at a salon so I save money.

But anyways. I am addicted to Essie nail polish and my color palette is fairly limited. I like pinks of all flavors, nudes, and dark purple is kinda my fall color of the bunch. However having my precious polishes mashed in a drawer means wet-toe-heel walking in to the bathroom from the living room and then back and forth because I forgot something. 

This little bag is actually for scrapbook supplies and that kind of thing but I decided that I would use it as a way to ensare all of the nail goods and make it so I could just pick up my baggy and walk into the living room and work on my nails without having to wander back and forth.

First I corralled all of my nail polishes into the main open area, putting all the pinks on one side and the neutral tones (perfect for fall or any other dressy setting) on the other. I love color coordinating. 

What to do with these guys though? Girl needs lots of tools to look pretty! I simply organized them by tool task and placed them into the pink pockets along the sides.  

Clippers together, buffers, nail files, etc.

Look! It even has handles! Invigorating!

And it fits so well into the my cabinets that are in the process of getting organized after the whole ordeal of remodeling the master bathroom is finished up.

So what do you do with all of your nail polishes? Is anyone else crazy about a certain type or color of nail polish?

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!
School starts tomorrow! Senior year in college! Woot!

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